Quel antivol moto choisir pour votre assurance ?

Which motorcycle lock to choose for your insurance?

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No longer wonder which motorcycle lock to choose for your insurance , with GeoRide, benefit from a more effective protection system than any type of lock on the market.

What anti-theft device to insure your motorcycle?

What anti-theft device to insure your motorcycle ? With GeoRide, benefit from a connected anti-theft device that is more reassuring and more effective than many other systems on the market.
A traditional disc lock type lock will waste the thief's time, but it will in no way prevent them from stealing your motorcycle. What's more, if it is stolen, you have virtually no chance of finding it again.
But with GeoRide, the connected motorcycle lock, you have additional features that may prove essential.

The first feature is vibration detection. As soon as someone touches your motorcycle, it vibrates. GeoRide detects it and notifies you immediately on your smartphone.
Thanks to this real-time alert, you can intervene before your motorcycle is stolen! Reassuringly, GeoRide integrates another essential functionality: GPS tracking.

When a motorcycle is stolen, you have no way of knowing where the thieves are or where it has been stored. Not with GeoRide! Thanks to a GPS chip integrated into the case, you can track the position of your motorcycle at any time, from your smartphone.
In the event of theft, you have access to all its movements in real time (speed, distance, street, etc.), but also to the location where it was stored. This position information is essential, because it will allow law enforcement to intervene immediately and before your motorcycle is damaged.
Thanks to the updates, it is now possible to generate a web link to track your motorcycle from an internet browser! This very practical feature in the event of theft will allow law enforcement to track your motorcycle at any time from their computer or smartphone, without them needing to download the application.
The GeoRide box also includes a powerful 110 dB siren that can be triggered manually from the application, or automatically upon detection of an event. Practical, this alarm not only deters thieves, but also locates your motorcycle to know where it has been stored in the event of theft.
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Which motorcycle lock to be insured in the event of theft ? Locks are not essential to be insured, but they are if you want to lower the amount of your deductible.
Beyond the legal aspect, locks are a good way to make sure your motorcycle is safe and that no one can touch it. With GeoRide, motorcyclists are constantly reassured thanks to the connectivity of the box. All the information on your motorcycle is available on your smartphone, and even more!
In the event of an accident, GeoRide can detect a fall and notify your loved ones so that they can call emergency services if you are unable to do so. GeoRide not only protects the motorcycle, it also protects the rider on a daily basis while providing innovative GPS features.

Lower your motorcycle insurance deductible

The best way to lower your motorcycle insurance deductible is to opt for additional security systems. But what type of motorcycle lock for your insurance should you choose?
At the bikers' mutual insurance company, GeoRide is recognized as a second means of protection! If your motorcycle is equipped with one in addition to a traditional anti-theft device, you can reduce the amount of your insurance excess by 50%!
Amaguiz insurance also recognizes GeoRide as a reliable protection system. To benefit from this franchise reduction of up to 50%, you will need to have a connected box and above all an active subscription.

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How to lower the price of motorcycle insurance?

How to lower the price of motorcycle insurance ? No protection system for your motorcycle can, at the moment, really reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance.
By removing options such as 0 km breakdown assistance or by participating in approved driving training, you will be able to lower your insurance costs and therefore pay less for your motorcycle insurance. But to find out how to pay less for your motorcycle insurance , you will need to talk to your advisor.

Best motorcycle lock for insurance

The best motorcycle lock for insurance is the one that prevents theft. With GeoRide, you act before your motorcycle is stolen.
During your motorcycle rides, you often take breaks of varying lengths, and it is not always practical to install a disc block or a chain, especially since it is bulky and heavy.
Thanks to GeoRide, you won't have to worry about that anymore! The case is smaller than a credit card and fits under the seat of your motorcycle. Once in place, your motorcycle will be protected in all circumstances. Community-based, GeoRide warns all bikers in the surrounding area so that it can help you find your motorcycle if it is stolen.


The Bluetooth badge supplied with GeoRide allows the box to detect if you are nearby. If this is the case, the protection will automatically deactivate so you can get back on the road. If you stop for a break and move more than 2 meters away from your motorcycle, then GeoRide activates the safety so that no one can touch your motorcycle.
Thanks to GeoRide, you have peace of mind, and so does your insurance .
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