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The motorcycle ride application to download: GeoRide

Thanks to its many features, GeoRide is the essential motorcycle ride application for all bikers! It was designed to protect the driver and reassure loved ones while driving. It is used in addition to a small box to attach to your motorcycle.


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A motorcycle route application available on Google Play Store and Apple Store

GeoRide is a motorcycle route application downloadable on the iPhone and Android download platforms. It works with a small box that will easily connect to your motorcycle's battery for unlimited autonomy.

Designed by a motorcycle enthusiast, for motorcycle enthusiasts, this motorcycle road book application offers the user all the features necessary for their safety, and to fully enjoy their motorcycle ride. The case is equipped with a fall detector that works regardless of speed. If it detects a fall, the GeoRide application will automatically notify the user's loved ones by making a call to their cell phone. They will be able to either travel directly to the scene or notify emergencies of the motorcycle's location!

To be sure that it is not a false alert, the application calls you so that you can clarify whether the danger is real or not.

The connected alarm is also one of the features presented by GeoRide. Imagine making a short stop during your motorcycle road trip in France , and leaving your motorcycle outside while you enjoy a little coffee... When suddenly, returning to the parking lot, you notice the absence of your motorbike ! By being equipped with GeoRide, the Android and iPhone roadbook application, you are instantly notified if the box detects an unusual movement of your bike. If a third person touches or moves your motorcycle, you are notified within three seconds of detection to allow you to act as quickly as possible.

With GeoRide , you will enjoy your coffee without even worrying about the possible theft of your motorcycle, and you will continue your road trip with peace of mind.

This motorcycle road trip application works by subscription, since the box includes a SIM card responsible for calls and sending SMS from the application. The GeoRide team, perfectly aware of the influence of the weather on your motorcycle journeys, offers you the possibility of suspending your subscription at any time. You can stop paying during the gray and rainy winter months!

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Make your motorcycle road book as simply as possible!

In order to create the perfect motorcycle road book , you need: a motorcycle, motivation, an idea for an itinerary, and… GeoRide! The third key feature of this product is its GPS tracker. It is thanks to this that the application is able to communicate your position to your loved ones in the event of a fall, or to locate you if your motorcycle is stolen. It can also participate in the creation of your motorcycle road book in France and Europe (and throughout the rest of the world at no extra charge) since your application records all of your journeys.

It’s a way to remember your most beautiful walks! And share them with those around you to enjoy the same trip together! You can export your route as a GPX file so that your GPS can read it and relive your road trip whenever you want! GeoRide also offers the possibility of creating a complete route to go on an adventure! Over several days, or a few hours, you define all the components of your trip.


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