The GeoRide warranty covers all of our products. It is 2 years from your date of purchase. It covers GeoRide products and accessories against any material and/or manufacturing defects if used in accordance with the user manuals.

  • At GeoRide, we are committed to always listening to you, advising you and helping you resolve your difficulties.

    However, it may happen that your product malfunctions or has a manufacturing defect. If this is your case, the first thing you should do is contact us through your GeoRide app or our website.

    Our team of experts then takes over to diagnose the product.

    If it presents a malfunction, noted and validated beforehand, then we will return after-sales service.

  • All after-sales service returns validated by our team are free .

    We will send you a Colissimo shipping slip for free shipping.

    Once your product has been received at our premises, our experts carefully begin functional tests. They then establish whether the product is repairable or whether it needs to be changed.

    Finally, the product, new or repaired, is returned to your home by Colissimo. We try as much as possible to shorten this after-sales service stage so as not to leave you for a long time without protection.

  • Warranty Information

    The warranty does not apply to the following points:

    • - Cosmetic damage such as scratches, scrapes, cracks and broken elements
    • - Damage caused by an accident due to exposure to a liquid, fire or any other external causes
    • - Damage caused by use not in accordance with the instructions indicated in the user guide (product placed in water, karcher, product eaten by an animal, torn cable, etc.)
    • - Defects linked to normal aging of the product
    • - To a product that has been opened, handled and/or modified in such a way as to alter its functionality
    • - To parts such as batteries or protective coatings intended to wear out over time

Does the warranty work for a used product?

If your product was purchased second-hand, the warranty remains for 2 years from the date of purchase from the first owner. We advise you to ask your seller for a purchase invoice to verify product warranty coverage, etc.

What is the technical information of the GeoRide 3?

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