Accident detection: ride your motorcycle with peace of mind

GeoRide detects falls on a motorcycle and can notify the emergency services if you are unable to do so yourself.

Call for help 24 hours a day

Notifications to loved ones

Multi-operator coverage


Real-time detection

Fall while riding

The GeoRide box analyzes the inclination of your motorcycle in real time and triggers the alert in the event of a fall detected

Parking chute (only on GeoRide 3 )

Gone is the surprise of seeing your motorcycle on the ground, the stand buried in the grass. You are instantly notified when your motorcycle falls while stationary.

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Call for help

In the event of an accident, you benefit from an automatic call for help in around ten countries in Europe.



Thanks to the integrated gyroscope, GeoRide detects that the motorcycle has been on the ground for 10 seconds.


Available 24 hours a day, our assistance service calls you 3 times to find out your state of health.


If you do not respond and your motorcycle does not move, emergency services will arrive at the scene of your accident.

ecran avec notification "maxime est arrivé à destination"

Real-time notifications

With GeoRide, your loved ones are notified with an instant notification when you arrive at your destination.

visuel envoie d'une notification pour rassurer les proches après une chute détectée

Reassure your loved ones

The GeoRide fall detector allows your loved ones to no longer worry when you hit the road.

visuel boîtier indépendant du smartphone

Telephone independent

GeoRide is completely autonomous and has its own network with multi-operator coverage . You will be protected even if you go for a walk without your smartphone.


His motorcycle fall

In this video, Jonathan tells us about his experience with GeoRide's automatic call for help.

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GeoRide user feedback

The best motorcycle GPS tracker for going on a road trip

  • GeoRide lets me park my motorcycle with confidence and lets me think about other things.


    Published on August 3, 2023

  • Perfect easy-to-use application that is perfect for tracking your journeys.


    Published on June 16, 2023

  • The application is great, ergonomic, intuitive, step by step, everything you need!


    Published on June 7, 2023

The GeoRide motorcycle fall detector

Whatever the speed, location or time, the GeoRide application allows detection of a fall on a motorcycle and immediately notifies the emergency services if you cannot do it yourself.

visuel localisation en temps réel en cas de chute

Motorcycle fall detection with the GeoRide box

The GeoRide motorcycle fall detector detects falls on a motorcycle and can notify the emergency services if you are unable to do so yourself. When riding a motorcycle and you are alone, the risks are much greater than in an urban environment because, in the event of an accident, no one can call emergency services for you!

But with GeoRide and its motorcycle fall detection phone application , you can ride in complete safety, whether alone on winding roads in the countryside or in another country! If the GeoRide connected box detects that you have fallen on a motorcycle, it will check 3 times if everything is okay and if you can get back on the road.

To do this, emergency services will call you 3 times on your phone. If you receive a positive response, or if you get back on the road, emergency services will not travel and your loved ones will receive a message indicating that you have been able to get back on the road in order to reassure them! This type of situation is very common when sliding on a motorcycle in the rain or in gravel.

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visuel envoie signal de détresse

Protect your motorcycle in the event of a fall

Protecting your motorcycle in the event of a fall is an essential functionality of the GeoRide connected box! If your motorcycle falls in the parking lot, the motorcycle fall warning alerts you immediately on your phone so that you can pick up your motorcycle and place it safely.

Whether your motorcycle is parked in an underground parking lot with poor network coverage, in a field in a white zone, on gravel in a mountainous area or in a parking space in a dense urban environment, the GeoRide network can alert you at any time that your motorcycle was the victim of a fall in the parking lot.

Autonomous motorcycle accident detector

The motorcycle accident detector is autonomous ! Your phone does not need to be on your person for the motorcycle fall app protection to work. GeoRide has its own communications network which covers the whole of France and more than 200 other territories around the world! Go for a ride with peace of mind in France, Spain or anywhere else, GeoRide takes care of everything.

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    Locate your motorcycle in real time and measure your performance.

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  • Connected alarm

    Be immediately alerted by notification or phone call if someone touches your motorcycle.

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