Comparatif des GPS moto GeoRide et Liberty Rider

Comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS

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Thanks to our comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS , you can easily find the one that best suits your needs: Protection, anti-theft or even GPS tracking!

Comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle alarms

The comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle alarms allows you to know which alarm solution is best suited to protect your motorcycle.


GeoRide is a box that is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle and which, unlike Liberty Rider, is permanently present on it.

As soon as someone touches your motorcycle, the case detects the vibration and immediately notifies you on your Android or iOS smartphone.

This way you can intervene before your motorcycle is stolen! This alarm is silent, but it can also be a deterrent thanks to the 110 dB siren integrated into GeoRide. In the event of a suspicious detection, you can choose to have it triggered automatically to keep thieves away from your motorcycle and keep it safe.

Liberty Rider, unlike GeoRide, is not a motorcycle alarm. This is a motorcycle application that requires a smartphone. From this application, you have no option to secure your motorcycle against theft. The main purpose of Liberty Rider is to protect the driver, so we cannot compare GeoRide to Liberty Rider on these functions.

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When you get off your motorcycle, you take your phone with you because it is likely to be stolen, but at this precise moment it is your motorcycle that is vulnerable!

By opting for a motorcycle alarm such as GeoRide, you can take a peaceful break during your rides, your two wheels will be protected whatever happens.

This connected motorcycle anti-theft comparison between GeoRide and Liberty Rider does not allow you to decide between the two devices. One protects your motorcycle with proven patented technology, the other has no function to secure your motorcycle.

Comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS trackers

Our comparison of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS trackers allows you to find the tracker best suited to your biker needs!

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GeoRide is the most efficient GPS tracker on the market. The box is permanently present under the saddle of your motorcycle, which allows it to be powered continuously and to offer accuracy of up to 1 meter!

From the smartphone application, you can find all your rides with unrivaled data and statistics: average speed, maximum speed, trip duration, trip distance, weather and inclination angle!

All these statistics are recorded with very high precision so that you can learn more about your driving style, but above all, to relive your journeys as if you were there.

Liberty Rider also allows you to have ride histories with other useful data. You will find, for example, the distance or even the duration of your journeys

To work, Liberty Rider depends on your smartphone and the integrated GPS chip. This means that it must be with you at all times, and above all, that it has a large battery or that you have a phone charger available on your motorcycle.

The difference between the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker and the Liberty Rider application is above all precision. The first is precise and offers more advanced features while benefiting from permanent power, the second requires having your smartphone with you at all times, but also a premium subscription to take advantage of all its features.

Review of GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS trackers

The reviews of the GeoRide and Liberty Rider motorcycle GPS trackers allow you to have all the customer reviews of both solutions.

GeoRide reviews are excellent, as are Liberty Rider reviews. To benefit from all of GeoRide's features, you must purchase the connected box sold from €9.99 per month.


Liberty Rider is free in basic features, but requires a subscription of €9.99 per month if you want to benefit from accident detection or dangerous turn alert.

The reviews for GeoRide and Liberty Rider connected motorcycle locks are therefore both very good. GeoRide allows you to secure your motorcycle with great reliability while providing information on driving style and different routes. Liberty Rider also allows you to collect data on your journeys, but it is not intended to protect your vehicle.

GeoRide or Liberty Rider

If you are hesitating between GeoRide or Liberty Rider , you will have to remember that GeoRide is an alarm, a motorcycle anti-theft device, a GPS tracker and a fall detector. All these features are integrated into the case which is permanently present on your motorcycle.

Fall and vibration detection technologies are extremely reliable to ensure you receive relevant alerts. With GeoRide, you don't need to take your phone with you. A Bluetooth badge is sold with the box so that you can manage the alarm easily, without having to take out a smartphone that might run out of battery during a road trip.

All your walks are recorded with great precision by the box so that you can find them on your GeoRide application when you get home.

GeoRide offers a complete ecosystem (anti-theft device, GPS tracker, fall detector, etc.) for the motorcycle and the rider. Liberty Rider offers interesting GPS tracking and fall detection features in the paid version, but all these functions will depend entirely on your smartphone.

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