L'alarme moto, une solution efficace contre les vols

The motorcycle alarm, an effective solution against theft

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A motorcycle alarm is an effective solution against theft. The GeoRide two-wheel alarm is the most reliable on the market, it will protect your motorcycle 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Totally invisible, it is undetectable and can warn you from a distance, without emitting the slightest sound or on the contrary screaming at up to 110 dB.

Is an SRA approved motorcycle alarm essential?

Is an SRA approved motorcycle alarm essential to protect your motorcycle? Certification is a plus for insurance companies. However, like most physical security systems, they are vulnerable, and certification does not guarantee that your motorcycle will not be stolen.


The benefit of a mechanical anti-theft system (chain, disc block, etc.) is to delay the theft of a vehicle. With GeoRide, we not only detect a theft before it takes place, but above all, you can act before, during and after.

With GeoRide, protecting your motorcycle will no longer become a constraint. Unlike disc block, chain or even "U" lock type systems, GeoRide is light and easy to take so that it can be with you everywhere.

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Totally invisible, you will no longer notice its presence. The Bluetooth proximity badge delivered with the box allows you to secure your motorcycle without you having to do anything!

When you take your motorcycle to go for a ride, GeoRide, the connected motorcycle alarm recognizes you and automatically deactivates the security so you can hit the road immediately. As soon as you leave your motorcycle, whether during a break or when arriving at work, GeoRide activates the anti-theft protection immediately so that no one can touch your motorcycle.

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Installing the motorcycle alarm is very easy, and does not require any special knowledge! Plug GeoRide into your battery, place it under your saddle, and connect it to your Android or iOS smartphone via the free app!

Energy efficient, the GeoRide connected box can protect your motorcycle for more than 6 months without you needing to start your motorcycle. Compatible with any type of vehicle, whether it is a 50cc, a Kawasaki Z650 or a Yamaha MT-10, the anti-lift motorcycle alarm ensures effective protection in all circumstances.

GeoRide, the motorcycle alarm on smartphone

With the GeoRide smartphone motorcycle alarm , your motorcycle will be protected in the best possible way. Built-in vibration detection continuously scans your vehicle to see if someone is climbing on it or trying to move it. In the event of an alert, you receive a notification on your smartphone in less than 3 seconds. Thus, thanks to the anti-bike jacking motorcycle alarm , you are assured that your motorcycle cannot be touched without you being informed.

A powerful motorcycle alarm system is integrated into the new version of GeoRide. The 110 dB siren can be triggered automatically upon detection of a vibration, or manually remotely from your smartphone! This unique and patented method will allow you to deter people lurking too close to your motorcycle to ensure that it is not in any danger.


GeoRide is also a GPS motorcycle alarm capable of locating your vehicle at any time, wherever it is. The GPS beacon integrated into the case is reliable and accurate up to 1 meter. In the event of theft, you can, from the smartphone application, track the position of your motorcycle to know how fast it is moving, but also where it has been stored.

The GPS solution offered by our smartphone alarm is effective and practical. From your phone, it is possible to generate a web link that you can share with your loved ones or with the police. This way, if your motorcycle were to be stolen, they will be able to locate and find it very quickly.

GeoRide is also a community motorcycle alarm! If your vehicle is stolen, and if you have reported it in the GeoRide application for Android and iOS, all the information allowing you to recognize the stolen motorcycle is shared with motorcyclists equipped with GeoRide and who are within a radius of 50 kilometers . This method can allow you to find your motorcycle quickly and without having to notify the police.

Best motorcycle alarm

GeoRide is the best motorcycle alarm on the market. More efficient than a physical system, GeoRide is capable of detecting a theft before it takes place, but above all of taking action during and after thanks to integrated GPS technology. If you want to know how to choose a motorcycle alarm , you can discover our motorcycle protection system comparator .

The price of the motorcycle alarm is from €9.99/month . Affordable, GeoRide is the most suitable solution for motorcyclists concerned about the safety of their motorcycle. With the GeoRide World Subscription, you can protect your motorcycle wherever you are, including on a road trip to another country.

An SRA motorcycle alarm is therefore not essential to effectively protect your motorcycle. A system designed by bikers for bikers such as GeoRide remains the ideal solution.

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