Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Triumph

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Triumph

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Are you looking for a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Triumph ? Then GeoRide is the case for you! Capable of protecting your motorcycle like no other system, you can park it with peace of mind, without having to constantly worry about its safety.

Motorcycle alarm for Triumph


By choosing GeoRide, the motorcycle alarm for Triumph , you add additional security to your motorcycle. Installing the Triumph motorcycle alarm is extremely simple. Simply attach it under the seat of your vehicle and power it by connecting it to the battery!

This way, if you use your motorcycle on a daily basis, it will be protected! And if you don't take your two wheels regularly to go to work, but only use it on weekends for your walks, GeoRide can last several days without your motorcycle being turned on!

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Triumph motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Triumph motorcycle

GeoRide, the best motorcycle alarm for Triumph , also has a built-in battery. This way, in the event of a battery failure or cut-off by a malicious person, the box will be able to operate for a few more hours in order to transmit its position to you, but also the fact that it is disconnected from the battery.

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For the security system to work, GeoRide uses different sensors. The first, the vibration detector, is an anti-lift motorcycle alarm for Triumph .

So, when your motorcycle is parked, whether in your garage or in an outdoor parking lot, and the box detects even a vibration, GeoRide will notify you directly on your smartphone.

This anti bike jacking motorcycle alarm for Triumph is very effective because it allows you to detect theft before it takes place. This way, you will be able to intervene at the slightest suspicious event on your motorcycle.

A GPS alarm for Triumph motorcycle

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GeoRide is a motorcycle GPS alarm for Triumph . In addition to vibration detection functionalities, the case integrates a GPS beacon capable of transmitting its position at any time.

So, if your motorcycle were stolen, you could locate it at any time using the Android or iOS smartphone application.

This information can be crucial for law enforcement, as it allows the vehicle to be immediately located to intervene as quickly as possible, before your motorcycle suffers damage.

Beyond the safety of your motorcycle, the GPS tracking integrated into GeoRide allows you to have a lot of information directly from the application!

You will therefore find the history of your motorcycle journeys, but also associated data such as average speed, maximum speed, duration of your ride or even the weather at each stage of your journey! This last feature allows you to relive your walks with great fidelity.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Triumph


By installing a connected motorcycle alarm for Triumph , you add extra security to your motorcycle, because GeoRide is much more than just an anti-theft device. This is a multifunction connected alarm.

You will therefore be able to know at any time if your motorcycle is safe, but also know its GPS position in real time to find it in the event of theft.

Completely autonomous, the two-wheel alarm for Triumph works using a smartphone application. Whether you are on Android or iOS, you will be able to monitor your motorcycle in the same way.

Motorcycle alarm systems for Triumph are generally expensive. But with GeoRide, the price of the motorcycle alarm for Triumph starts from €9.99/month! Perfect for people on a small budget but who are concerned about the safety of their motorcycle.

To take full advantage of the box, you will also have to opt for the subscription at 5 euros per month. The latter allows the box to secure your vehicle everywhere in France, but also in more than thirty countries in Europe! Whether you are near home, or in another country, your motorcycle will be protected in the same way.

Secure and intuitive, GeoRide is the best solution if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft.

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