Une alarme moto sur smartphone pour Ducati 

A motorcycle alarm on smartphone for Ducati

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If you are looking for a smartphone motorcycle alarm for Ducati , then GeoRide is the solution for you! Connected and intelligent, it's the best way to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts.

Motorcycle alarm for Ducati


The motorcycle alarm for Ducati is a small smart box that will secure your motorcycle when it is parked and you cannot monitor it.

Installing the motorcycle alarm for Ducati is very simple, just attach it under the saddle of your two wheels, and power it using the battery.

Once in place, the GeoRide box is completely invisible! No one will suspect that your motorcycle is protected, which will be beneficial because thieves will not disconnect the Ducati motorcycle alarm system and your motorcycle will remain permanently secure.

GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Ducati motorcycle GeoRide, Smartphone alarm for Ducati motorcycle
Unlike a classic anti-theft device, GeoRide is not used to delay the thief, but to intervene before, during and after the theft. It is therefore the best way to effectively protect your motorcycle when you cannot monitor it directly.
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To prevent theft, the best solution is to anticipate it. With GeoRide and its vibration detection, you have a real anti- lift motorcycle alarm for Ducati ! As soon as someone touches your motorcycle, whether to admire it, ride on it, or steal it, you will receive an alert directly on your smartphone, in less than 3 seconds! You can therefore act immediately to prevent the worst.

By sharing your GeoRide box with a friend or family member, they will also be able to receive real-time alerts from the Ducati motorcycle alarm! So, if you have not been able to intervene or have not seen the notifications, one of your loved ones will be able to intervene or notify you quickly.

A GPS alarm for Ducati motorcycle

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GeoRide is also a GPS alarm for Ducati motorcycles . In addition to the features to prevent theft, the Ducati two-wheel alarm includes a GPS beacon allowing you to locate your motorcycle at any time!

Directly from the Android or iOS application, you can find all the information about your walks (routes, maximum speed, average speed, journey duration, journey distance, weather, etc.), which will allow you to learn more about your driving style, but also create road books from your old journeys.

But the main functionality of this GPS tracker remains the real-time location of your motorcycle. It is very practical to keep an eye on it when it is parked, but it is not always easy to keep an eye on it. With the GeoRide connected alarm, you can check at any time that it is still in the same place, but above all you will be able to track its movements if it is stolen!

With precise and reliable data, law enforcement will be able to intervene immediately to find your motorcycle before anything happens to it.

A connected motorcycle alarm for Ducati


A connected motorcycle alarm for Ducati can be expensive, but this is not the case with GeoRide! The price of the motorcycle alarm for Ducat i starts at €9.99 per month.

The latter allows you to benefit from GeoRide protection everywhere in France, with automatic switching to the best network available! Whether you are in town or in the countryside, your motorcycle will be protected in the same way!

GeoRide also allows surveillance beyond the territory, with coverage in more than thirty countries in Europe. Go on a road trip while keeping an eye on your motorcycle from your smartphone.

Motorcycle insurance companies trust the GeoRide connected alarm. With the best motorcycle alarm for Ducati , lower the price of your franchise!

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