Un an après la première moto volée, le bilan

One year after the first stolen motorcycle, the results

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o 13 motorcycles reported stolen since the very first theft in September 2018 o 10 of them were found shortly after, most of them the same day :muscle: It happened twice.
  • The first time, the GeoRide app located a user's motorcycle in a van .
However, the police did not have the right to open the van without having formal proof that the stolen motorcycle was inside. So they had the idea of ​​moving the van , so the box sent a vibration alert to the owner's phone. The police open the van and bingo! In addition to the owner's motorcycle, the garage also contained 2 other motorcycles stolen in the same week ?
  • A second similar theft took place in May 2019. A member of the GeoRide community had his motorcycle stolen and realized that the other garages in his residence had also been broken into .
Finally, the police will find , thanks to the location provided by the box, not only the owner's motorcycle but also 3 motorcycles in the hideout . In total, 2 motorcycles equipped with GeoRide made it possible to find 4 motorcycles? They must certainly have ordered GeoRide straight away. The last flight took place last Saturday (09/14) at 04:27 in the morning in the Nantes region. An MT-07 Moto Cage Red was found thanks to the skillful patience of the owner who waited for his GeoRide application to warn him when the criminal was about to emerge from his hideout. The police could not in fact recover the vehicle because the location showed a closed cellar . Once the thief was ready for a ride with the motorcycle, he was able to be cornered by law enforcement . The owner was able to find his motorcycle with only a damaged tire and a broken rearview mirror. This was the first time that a member of the GeoRide community came to the aid of someone who had their motorcycle stolen. Indeed, the owner of the stolen motorcycle had the good idea of ​​triggering the theft alert to automatically alert all users within a 100 km radius. This report does not even take into account the theft attempts which failed thanks to the Instant notifications warning owners who were able to react before the motorcycle was taken on board.
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