Traceur GPS pour Yamaha Tracer 9

GPS plotter for Yamaha Tracer 9

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The GPS tracker for Yamaha Tracer 9 allows you to protect your motorcycle against theft, but also to access its location in real time from your phone.


Yamaha Tracer 9 smartphone alarm

The smartphone alarm for Yamaha Tracer 9 is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle. Connected to the vehicle's battery, it is permanently powered so that your motorcycle is always protected! Energy efficient, GeoRide can run for many months before your Yamaha's battery runs low.
If your Yamaha motorcycle has a low battery, GeoRide detects it and automatically switches to low consumption mode. This mode allows your motorcycle to be protected while considerably reducing consumption! So you can get back on the road without needing to recharge your motorcycle first.


The GeoRide alarm detects vibrations on your motorcycle in real time! As soon as someone touches your vehicle, the GeoRide alarm sounds immediately. You have the choice between a 110dB audible alarm or a completely silent alarm that only notifies you on your smartphone, or both!

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Yamaha Tracer 9 connected anti-theft device

The connected anti-theft device for Yamaha Tracer 9 is the most effective means of protection on the market! Where a traditional anti-theft device only serves to delay a theft, GeoRide really aims to prevent it. By warning yourself before the theft occurs, you can take action to secure your motorcycle.

In addition to offering incredible protection for your motorcycle, Georide allows you to locate it at any time! The best GPS tracker for Yamaha Tracer 9 provides you with precise information about the GPS position of your motorcycle.
In the event of theft, you can know in real time where your motorcycle is, but also provide this data to law enforcement so that they can intervene to locate and recover your motorcycle. Whether it is parked in a garage, in the basement or in a truck, GeoRide can locate your motorcycle with great precision.


Yamaha Tracer 9 anti-theft box

The anti-theft case for Yamaha Tracer 9 has many protective functions. The fall detector for Yamaha Tracer 9 constantly analyzes your motorcycle to know if you are the victim of an accident or not.

If you fall, GeoRide services will call you on your smartphone to make sure everything is okay. If you do not respond, the emergency services are immediately notified so that they can intervene quickly at the scene of the accident.
Accident detection for Yamaha Tracer 9 is the best way to protect yourself on a daily basis, but also to reassure your loved ones! By sharing your box information, they can see in real time if you are safe.

GeoRide for Yamaha Tracer 9 motorcycle

Thanks to GeoRide for Yamaha Tracer 9 motorcycle you benefit from double protection: a motorcycle alarm for Yamaha Tracer 9 which can detect thefts before they take place, but also the fall sensor for Yamaha Tracer 9 which detects the least accident, whether at high or low speed.
In addition to offering the best protection, GeoRide makes you relive all of your journeys! From the Android or iPhone application, consult all the statistics of your motorcycle rides: Tilt angles, speed, route or even weather! Share this data with your loved ones or members of the GeoRide community and learn more about your driving style.

GeoRide is completely invisible in use! The case's anti-theft protection automatically deactivates when you are near your motorcycle. The Bluetooth badge delivered with GeoRide fits on your keys, which allows GeoRide to recognize the owner of the motorcycle! Go for a ride and stop wherever you want without needing to use your phone to lock your motorcycle, GeoRide takes care of everything.
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