Traceur GPS pour Yamaha TMAX 560

GPS plotter for Yamaha TMAX 560

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The GPS tracker for Yamaha TMAX 560 from GeoRide allows you to protect your scooter against attempted theft, but it also helps you find it.

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Yamaha TMAX 560 smartphone alarm


The smartphone alarm for Yamaha TMAX 560 is a small connected box which is placed under the saddle of your scooter and which connects to its battery. Once in place, GeoRide detects the slightest vibration that occurs on your scooter! Capable of operating for several months once the battery of your two wheels is connected, it can also operate on its internal battery.

Alerts are transmitted in real time to your iPhone or Android phone. As soon as someone touches your TMAX, GeoRide detects the vibration and notifies you immediately so you can take action if your vehicle is stolen. You don't need your phone to activate the alarm! The GeoRide badge supplied with the case recognizes you and automatically deactivates the protection when you hit the road.
The connected alarm for Yamaha TMAX 560 scooter has two alarm modes: A silent alarm which immediately warns you by push notification if your vehicle is dangerous, and an audible alarm thanks to the powerful 110 dB siren. Each mode can be activated remotely from the GeoRide smartphone application.

Yamaha TMAX 560 connected anti-theft device

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By installing a connected anti-theft device for Yamaha TMAX 560 scooter , you protect your scooter in the best possible way. Unlike a traditional anti-theft device that only serves to delay the theft of your vehicle, GeoRide detects vibrations before the theft occurs so you can act while there is still time.
In the event of theft and if you were unable to act, GeoRide offers the best GPS tracker for Yamaha TMAX 560 ! Capable of locating your scooter to the nearest meter, you will be able to locate it wherever it is and thus recover it. The GPS position of your scooter can be consulted at any time from your phone, but also via the web interface! By sharing the location of your scooter with law enforcement, they will be able to locate your vehicle and act quickly to recover it.

GeoRide's network coverage ensures fast and reliable communication, regardless of the scooter's storage conditions: in a basement, in a dense urban area, in a remote location or even in a truck! With the 110 dB siren plugged into your scooter, you can trigger the alarm from your phone, which will help you locate the stolen vehicle .

Yamaha TMAX 560 anti-theft box

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With the anti-theft case for Yamaha TMAX 560 you not only benefit from the best protection for your motorcycle, but also for that of the driver! GeoRide integrates a fall detector for Yamaha TMAX 560 which can know if you are the victim of an accident or not. In the event of a fall, GeoRide services will call you on your phone and if you do not answer, emergency services will be notified immediately and your GPS position will be communicated to them.
Accident detection for Yamaha TMAX 560 protects you, but it also reassures your loved ones! Combined with real-time location sharing, your family and friends can know if you're safe at any time.

GeoRide for Yamaha TMAX 560 scooter


With a GeoRide box on your Yamaha TMAX 560 scooter , you benefit from an alarm for Yamaha TMAX 560 , but also a fall sensor for Yamaha TMAX 560 . In addition to this double protection, GeoRide allows you to relive all your journeys!
The box records all the information about your journeys in real time: route, weather, inclination angle, maximum speed, etc. From the GeoRide application on Android and iOS you can view all your data and statistics, but also share them with your loved ones and the GeoRide biker community.
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