Traceur GPS pour Yamaha XMAX 125

GPS Tracker for Yamaha XMAX 125

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GeoRide is the ideal GPS tracker for Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter ! By installing it on your scooter, you are assured of having the best anti-theft protection.

Yamaha XMAX 125 smartphone alarm


Thanks to the smartphone alarm for Yamaha XMAX 125 , your scooter benefits from the best protection against theft. Installed under the seat of the vehicle, GeoRide is completely invisible! Connected to the Scooter's battery, it is permanently powered and provides effective protection for many months without you needing to recharge your vehicle's battery. In the event of a low battery on your Yamaha XMAX 125, GeoRide can switch to energy saving mode to preserve the scooter's battery! This way, it will work for almost 14 days on its own battery.

Vibration detection alerts from your scooter are sent in a few seconds by smartphone notification. As soon as an unwanted vibration is detected, GeoRide activates the connected alarm for the Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter ! The alarm can be configured in silent mode with just an alert on the phone, or in siren mode thanks to the powerful 110 dB alarm that you can place under the saddle of your scooter.

Yamaha XMAX 125 connected anti-theft device

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The connected anti-theft device for Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter effectively protects your vehicle against theft attempts. Where traditional anti-theft devices only serve to delay thieves, GeoRide helps detect theft before it takes place. By receiving the alert on your phone in less than 3 seconds, you will be able to intervene quickly to ensure that your Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter is safe.
GeoRide is not just a connected anti-theft device, it is also the best GPS tracker for Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter . Combined with anti-theft detection, the box allows you to locate your two wheels wherever they are! In the event of theft during the night, if you have not had time to act, you will be able to find the position of the scooter in real time and to the nearest meter!
The location sharing functionality from the GeoRide application allows you to transmit the exact GPS position to the person of your choice! By providing this information to law enforcement, they can act quickly to locate and recover your vehicle.
Whether your vehicle is parked in a basement, in a garage, in a dense urban area or in a remote location, GeoRide's network coverage will provide the real-time position of your scooter so you can locate it wherever it is. find.

Yamaha XMAX 125 anti-theft box

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The anti-theft box for Yamaha XMAX 125 is not a simple GPS tracker. In addition to protecting your vehicle against theft, GeoRide offers protection for the driver! If the box detects that you are the victim of an accident thanks to its fall detector for Yamaha XMAX 125 , you will receive several calls on your phone. In the event of a response, GeoRide will not act, but if no response is given, it will immediately call emergency services providing them with the exact GPS position so that they can intervene quickly.
With accident detection for Yamaha XMAX 125 , you are protected in the best possible way! By sharing the GPS position of your scooter with your loved ones you can also reassure them. At any time, from a phone or PC, they will be able to make sure you are safe.

GeoRide for Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter


Thanks to GeoRide on your Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter , you protect not only the motorcycle from attempted theft, but also the rider in the event of an accident! The Yamaha XMAX 125 scooter alarm combined with the fall sensor for Yamaha XMAX 125 offers double protection more effective than any other scooter protection system.
The additional features of GeoRide allow you to record all your journeys with precise data: Maximum speed, average speed, inclination angle, weather or even GPS track. Relive your journeys from your phone interface as if you were still there! Find GeoRide news on our blog.
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