Traceur GPS pour Yamaha MT-07

GPS plotter for Yamaha MT-07

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GeoRide is the best GPS tracker for Yamaha MT-07 . By equipping your motorcycle with the connected box , you will benefit from incredible features to protect your motorcycle from theft attempts.

Yamaha MT-07 smartphone alarm


With the smartphone alarm on Yamaha MT-07 , your motorcycle is protected against theft attempts. Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, GeoRide is completely invisible! Connected to the battery of your Yamaha MT-07, GeoRide protection is provided for many months without you needing to recharge your motorcycle's battery. An energy saving mode also allows it to switch to its internal battery so as not to degrade your motorcycle's battery.

Receive notifications on iPhone or Android in the event of a vibration detected on your motorcycle. If an individual touches your motorcycle, GeoRide detects it and immediately sounds the connected alarm for Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle . Two options are available for GeoRide: the silent alarm which only notifies you by notification and call on your smartphone or the 110 dB alarm placed under the saddle of your motorcycle which will deter thieves. GeoRide's built-in vibration detection helps detect theft before it happens.

Yamaha MT-07 connected anti-theft device

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With a connected anti-theft device for Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle, your motorcycle will be protected against theft attempts. The vibration sensor associated with other GeoRide sensors detects the slightest vibration on your motorcycle and alerts you in real time on your smartphone in the event of suspicious movement. Unlike traditional anti-theft devices which only serve to delay thefts, GeoRide allows you to detect theft before it takes place! Act before your motorcycle is stolen to ensure that it is not damaged in any way.

GeoRide is the best GPS tracker for Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle ! In addition to anti-theft detection, the connected box allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time from the GeoRide smartphone application.
If your two wheels were stolen in the middle of the night, GeoRide's meter-level location will allow you to find it very quickly. Location sharing offers the possibility of giving law enforcement the location of your motorcycle so that they can intervene quickly, before it suffers damage.
GeoRide's network coverage is complete, ensuring signal transmission wherever your motorcycle is parked: Basement, garage, urban area or in the countryside, keep a constant eye on your motorcycle.

Yamaha MT-07 anti-theft box

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The anti-theft case for Yamaha MT-07 is not only used to protect your motorcycle from theft! With GeoRide, the driver is also protected. As soon as you are the victim of an accident, the fall detector for Yamaha MT-07 detects it and verifies that you are safe by calling you on your phone.
If you do not respond, GeoRide immediately notifies the emergency services by providing them with the precise coordinates of the accident so that they can intervene quickly.
Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle accident detection is the most effective way to protect yourself, but also to reassure your loved ones when you go for a motorcycle ride. By sharing the location of your motorcycle, they can track your movements and check that you are safe at any time.

GeoRide for Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle


By installing GeoRide on your Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle , you have many features for your motorcycle, notably with the Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle alarm which alerts you in the event of attempted theft, but also a fall sensor to Yahama MT-07 motorcycle which detects the slightest fall on a motorcycle.
Relive all your journeys as if you were still there! From the GeoRide application on your smartphone, find data from your motorcycle rides: maximum speed, average speed, inclination angle or even weather! Share these statistics and your trips with the GeoRide motorcycle community and go for a ride with peace of mind.
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