Traceur GPS pour Kawasaki Z900

GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z900

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By installing a GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z900 , you offer the best anti-theft protection to your motorcycle while benefiting from connected features.

Kawasaki Z900 smartphone alarm


The smartphone alarm for Kawasaki Z900 allows you to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. Placed under the saddle of your two-wheeler, GeoRide is connected to your vehicle's battery, which allows it to operate for several months without you needing to recharge your vehicle or start it.

To avoid any starting problems, GeoRide detects the voltage of your motorcycle and switches to energy saving mode as soon as it becomes necessary. In Eco mode GeoRide provides the same anti-theft protection while considerably reducing its consumption.
Receive all security alerts for your Kawasaki Z900 in real time on your phone! If someone touches your motorcycle, the connected alarm for Kawasaki Z900 emits a powerful alert of 110 dB. You also have the option to deactivate the audible alarm to only receive silent alerts on your smartphone. In less than 4 seconds, receive the anti-theft alert and act before your motorcycle is stolen.

Kawasaki Z900 connected anti-theft device

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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The connected anti-theft device for Kawasaki Z900 is essential equipment to protect your motorcycle from theft attempts. Unlike a classic disc lock type lock which only serves to delay thieves, GeoRide detects all thefts before they take place, allowing you to act quickly and before your motorcycle is stolen.

The vibration and tilt sensor detects the position of your motorcycle in real time. At the slightest vibration or if someone climbs on it, you receive all the alerts directly on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
GeoRide is the best GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z900 ! In addition to detecting thefts before they take place, GeoRide can locate your motorcycle with great precision. In the event of theft, if you were unable to act in time, track the position of your motorcycle directly from the GeoRide application interface. Covering all network bands, GeoRide works optimally in all circumstances, no matter where your motorcycle is: Garage, basement, truck, etc.

Share the GPS location of your Kawasaki Z900 with law enforcement via a share link and allow them to locate your motorcycle at any time so they can recover it quickly!
Do not hesitate to take into account the new GeoRide features and to carry out frequent updates to maintain the effectiveness of the device.

Kawasaki Z900 anti-theft box

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With the Kawasaki Z900 motorcycle anti-theft case , your vehicle is protected against attempted theft, but you are also protected in the event of an accident! The fall detector for Kawasaki Z900 can detect the slightest slip at high or low speed. As soon as a fall is detected, GeoRide calls you on your phone. If you do not answer the calls, GeoRide services will immediately notify emergency services so that they can intervene quickly at the scene of the accident.
Accident detection for Kawasaki Z900 motorcycles offers effective and essential protection to any motorcyclist concerned about their safety. By sharing your GeoRide box information with your loved ones, they can not only ensure that your motorcycle is protected against theft, but also that you are not in an accident.

GeoRide for Kawasaki Z900 motorcycle


With GeoRide for Kawasaki Z900 motorcycle you benefit from double protection, both for the motorcycle and for the rider. The alarm for Kawasaki Z900 detects any suspicious events on your motorcycle and notifies you instantly on your phone. The fall sensor for Kawasaki Z900 monitors in real time that you are not the victim of an accident.
In addition to offering the best protection for the motorcycle and the rider, GeoRide allows you to relive all of your journeys! By analyzing your speed, your tilt angle, your GPS position and even the weather in real time, you can review all your motorcycle rides from the GeoRide smartphone application! Share your trips with your loved ones or the GeoRide biker community.
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