Traceur GPS pour Kawasaki Z650

GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z650

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With GeoRide, the GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z650 motorcycles , protect your motorcycle against theft attempts and locate it at any time, wherever it is!

Kawasaki Z650 smartphone alarm

A smartphone alarm for Kawasaki Z650 offers many protection features for your two wheels. Thanks to its powerful 110 dB siren, GeoRide can warn you as soon as someone touches your motorcycle, whether with their foot, while climbing on it or trying to steal it.

Also receive a real-time alert directly on your Android or iPhone smartphone and act before your motorcycle is damaged or stolen.
Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, GeoRide is a completely invisible motorcycle alarm ! Connected to the Kawasaki Z650 battery, the protection works for many months without you needing to recharge your motorcycle battery.
In the event of a low battery, GeoRide detects it and automatically switches to low consumption mode, ensuring maximum protection while reducing its secondary functions.

Kawasaki Z650 connected anti-theft device

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With a connected anti-theft device for Kawasaki Z650 , your motorcycle is protected against all theft attempts ! Traditional disc blocks cannot effectively protect your motorcycle, as their main function is to delay theft, not prevent it.
With GeoRide you benefit from effective protection capable of detecting thefts before they take place! The vibration sensor integrated into the case constantly analyzes the status of your motorcycle and alerts you in the event of suspicious events: movement, vibration, etc.
GeoRide is not only a connected anti-theft device, it is also the best GPS tracker for Kawasaki Z650 motorcycle ! In the event of theft, if you were not able to act in time, the GPS chip integrated into GeoRide allows you to locate your motorcycle in real time, wherever it is!
In a garage, in a basement, in a truck or even in a remote countryside, you have access to the GPS position of your motorcycle directly from your phone.

This position can also be shared with your loved ones, but also to the police! This way, they will be able to locate your motorcycle and recover it before it suffers damage.

Kawasaki Z650 anti-theft box

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By installing an anti-theft case for Kawasaki Z650 , your motorcycle is not only protected against attempted theft, but the rider is also safe thanks to the fall detector for Kawasaki Z650 .
During your motorcycle rides or on your way to work, GeoRide constantly checks that you are on your two wheels! If you fall at high or low speed, the case's sensors detect it and an alert is immediately sent to your phone.
In case of a quick response from you, GeoRide stops there. But if you give no response, it immediately notifies the emergency services by providing your GPS coordinates so that they can intervene quickly.
Accident detection for Kawasaki Z650 protects you on all your journeys! Share your case information with family or friends so they can check that you are safe.

GeoRide for Kawasaki Z650 motorcycle


GeoRide for Kawasaki Z650 motorcycle is the best way to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts! With the alarm for Kawasaki Z650 , receive all the vibration alerts from your motorcycle in real time so you can make sure it is safe. The fall sensor for Kawasaki Z650 detects both road accidents and falls when your motorcycle is stationary.
GeoRide not only offers protection to the motorcycle and rider, it allows you to relive all your motorcycle journeys directly from the smartphone app! By recording your journeys, your speed, the angle of inclination and the weather during your rides, you have access to your driving statistics and your routes at any time.
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