Traceur GPS pour BMW R 1250 GS

GPS tracker for BMW R 1250 GS

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The GPS tracker for BMW R 1250 GS allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time, but above all to protect it against theft attempts.

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BMW R 1250 GS smartphone alarm

A smartphone alarm for BMW R 1250 GS secures your motorcycle like no other system allows. Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, GeoRide is completely invisible and autonomous! Powered using your BMW's battery, it can run for several years without you needing to recharge your motorcycle.

In the event of a low battery on your two wheels, GeoRide notifies you directly on your phone via push notification and automatically switches to energy saving mode ensuring effective protection for several weeks.
At the slightest vibration on your motorcycle, the connected alarm for BMW R 1250 GS alerts you on your Android phone or iPhone so you can ensure that your motorcycle is safe. A powerful 110 dB siren also comes with the box. Placed under the saddle of the motorcycle, it can automatically sound if vibration is detected and thus deter thieves.

BMW R 1250 GS connected anti-theft device

The connected anti-theft device for BMW R 1250 GS detects thefts before they take place. Unlike standard anti-theft devices which only serve to delay thieves, GeoRide allows you to be informed at any time and act in time. The vibration sensor analyzes the condition of your motorcycle at all times, and as soon as someone touches your motorcycle, GeoRide will detect it and notify you.
Beyond being a connected anti-theft device, GeoRide is also the best GPS tracker for BMW R 1250 GS ! The integrated GPS chip allows you to locate your motorcycle with incredible precision.
In the event of theft, you will not only be able to know exactly where your motorcycle is with an accuracy of up to 1 meter, but also share its position in real time with law enforcement! From their phone or computer, they will have access to the location of your motorcycle and will therefore be able to take action to recover it before it suffers damage.

GeoRide ensures optimal coverage in all circumstances! Whether your motorcycle is stored in a basement, in a garage or in the remote countryside, you can always know where it is.
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BMW R 1250 GS anti-theft box

The anti-theft box for BMW R 1250 GS is much more than a simple connected anti-theft device. With the fall detector for BMW R 1250 GS you are as well protected as your motorcycle!
In the event of a fall, GeoRide detects it and immediately calls you on your smartphone. If no response is given, GeoRide services immediately notify emergency services by providing them with your GPS location.
Reassure your family and friends by sharing your location so they can know if you are safe at all times.

GeoRide for BMW R 1250 GS scooter

Thanks to GeoRide for BMW R 1250 GS you are protected and so are your motorcycle! Detect thefts before they happen and repel thieves with the BMW R 1250 GS alarm .
With the GeoRide Bluetooth badge you don't need to use your phone to deactivate the alarm. The box recognizes the owner of the motorcycle and deactivates the anti-theft protection as soon as you approach.

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fall sensor for BMW R 1250 GS protects you in France and many other countries! Go on a Road Trip with complete peace of mind, you are protected.
In addition to ensuring your protection, GeoRide records your journeys with detailed statistics so you can relive all your journeys! Route, speed, angle of inclination or even weather. Find all this data in your GeoRide application on Android and iOS.
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