GeoRide, un traceur gps moto pour Yamaha

GeoRide, a motorcycle gps tracker for Yamaha

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If you are looking for a motorcycle GPS tracker for Yamaha , you are in the right place. With GeoRide, protect your motorcycle like never before!

Vibration detector, fall detector, anti-theft alert, speed measurement... This connected motorcycle GPS for Yamaha is full of features both for your safety and that of your two wheels.

A GPS tracker for Yamaha


GeoRide is a gps tracker for Yamaha (MT07, MT09, Fazer...). By installing the special Yamaha compatible motorcycle GPS on your two wheels , you will benefit from the best protection possible, at all levels!

Installing the box is really very simple, you just have to connect it to your motorcycle's battery and attach it under the saddle. Once powered, it is fully operational.

Yamaha motorcycle compatible with the GeoRide GPS tracker Yamaha motorcycle compatible with the GeoRide GPS tracker

This stand-alone GPS tracker for Yamaha will not require any further connection or subsequent maintenance. It recharges using your motorcycle's battery while you ride and can last several days without you having to recharge the battery of your two wheels.

Practical if you don't drive a lot like in winter or you don't use it every day to get to work.

Motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Yamaha

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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The motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Yamaha works, as its name suggests, with a SIM card. This motorcycle GPS tracker for Yamaha allows you to benefit from the best network available, among 31 countries throughout Europe.

It switches to the best network coverage while you're riding so you can always keep an eye on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle GPS application for Yamaha

To take advantage of all the features of GeoRide on your Yamaha, nothing could be simpler, download the Yamaha motorcycle gps application for Android , or the one for iPhone. Create an account, complete your profile if you wish, and that's it!

GeoRide is easy to use, it will suit users of all ages who want to protect their motorcycle. This is not only the best android motorcycle gps for Yamaha , it is also the best motorcycle gps for Yamaha of 2018 !

Obviously, a motorcycle GPS tracker for Yamaha developed by passionate bikers, for passionate bikers, brings together all the features that one would expect, and even more!

The motorcycle GPS beacon for Yamaha allows you and someone close to you to track the position of your vehicle in real time from GeoRide, the Yamaha motorcycle GPS app . In addition to a position, you will know your speed, duration and distance of your journey.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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In the event of a fall with your motorcycle, when you are alone, and you are unable to notify emergency services, motorcycle GPS tracking for Yamaha will allow your family to locate you and notify emergency services immediately.

In the event of an attempted theft, the GPS tracker for Yamaha notifies you directly on your Android or iOS smartphone. In fact, vibration detection lets you know when someone touches your motorcycle, which will give you time to intervene before it is stolen!

And if you are not there, you will be able to follow the movement in real time to know where it will be stored in order to alert the police.

GeoRide for Yamaha


If you are looking for the best way to protect your Yamaha motorcycle, whatever the model (MT10, Fazer, Tracer) and whatever the displacement (50cc, 125cc, 700cc, 1000cc...) then GeoRide is the case connected you need.

Complete, efficient and easy to use, its features will be essential to prevent attempted theft of your vehicle, but also, and above all, to secure your journeys when you are driving alone.

The love of motorcycling, without the stress of flying
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