GeoRide, un traceur gps moto pour Triumph

GeoRide, a motorcycle gps tracker for Triumph

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Nothing like GeoRide, a motorcycle GPS tracker for Triumph to effectively protect your two wheels. Thanks to this autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for Triumph , your vehicle will be connected to your smartphone and can be located at any time from the Android or iOS application!

A motorcycle GPS tracker for Triumph

By choosing GeoRide, you will have a real motorcycle GPS tracker for Triumph ! This small connected box will secure your motorcycle, but also, and above all, the rider. The motorcycle GPS beacon for Triumph is, as its name suggests, a GPS beacon which allows you to geolocate your two wheels at any time.


Very discreet, it is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle to be completely invisible, and connects to the battery to be powered. It can run for several days without you needing to start your motorcycle, making GeoRide the perfect solution to protect your Triumph motorcycle even if you don't use it every day.

GeoRide, GPS tracker for Triumph motorcycles GeoRide, GPS tracker for Triumph motorcycles

The technology integrated into GeoRide is essential for reliable protection. If you fall with your vehicle during one of your journeys, the special motorcycle GPS for Triumph will check if this requires emergency intervention, and can notify one of your loved ones via a phone call!

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To do this, simply add the phone number of a trusted user in the GeoRide application. This way, your loved ones will be able to notify emergency services so that they can get to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible.

A motorcycle GPS application for Triumph

In addition to being a GPS tracker, GeoRide is also a motorcycle GPS application for Triumph ! You will therefore be able to find all the statistics of your journeys (maximum speed, average speed, journey duration, journey distance, cities crossed, etc.) as well as the real-time position of your motorcycle.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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GeoRide was recognized as the best motorcycle GPS for Triumph of 2018 as well as the best motorcycle GPS for Triumph on Android ! The solution is developed by motorcyclists, so it is the best way to have a reliable system that meets the needs of other motorcyclists.

From the motorcycle GPS app for Triumph , you can lock your vehicle in a specific location, such as your personal garage, or the parking lot at your workplace. So, as soon as someone touches your motorcycle when it is locked, you will receive an alert directly on your smartphone so you can intervene quickly.

In the event of theft, you will also receive a notification and your motorcycle can be located in real time with great precision from the motorcycle gps application for Triumph !

Motorcycle gps tracker with sim card for Triumph


GeoRide is a motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Triumph . Subscription to the GeoRide service is from €9.99/month and will allow you to benefit from all the features of the motorcycle gps tracker for Triumph .

The box covers many countries in Europe (more than thirty), and ensures that you have the best network coverage during your motorcycle trips. So, whether you are in your city, or on a road trip in another country, you can always keep an eye on your motorcycle with motorcycle GPS tracking for Triumph .

By sharing the GeoRide box with one of your loved ones, they will also be able to track the position of your vehicle in real time from the Android motorcycle gps application for Triumph or the iPhone motorcycle gps application for Triumph . Ideal for reassuring your family so they can know where you are at all times.

GeoRide for Triumph

By using GeoRide for Triumph, you will be able to effectively protect your Triumph motorcycle, whether it is a Street Triple, a Daytona or even a Tiger! Discreet and connected, it will be perfect for all motorcyclists concerned about the safety of their two wheels, but also their own.

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