GeoRide, un traceur gps moto pour Roadster

GeoRide, a motorcycle gps tracker for Roadster

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GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for roadster will help you connect your motorcycle to your smartphone! Put your roadster in your pocket and monitor it from anywhere in the world from the Android and iOS app.

A GPS tracker for Roadster

By installing a roadster GPS tracker on your motorcycle, you offer it the best protection. The motorcycle GPS beacon for roadster will allow you to track the position of your motorcycle in real time.


Installing the motorcycle GPS tracker for roadster is very simple! Once placed under the saddle of your two wheels, simply connect it to its battery to power it.

The GPS tracker for roadster motorcycles consumes very little energy! If you don't use your motorcycle for a long time, such as in winter, your battery will not discharge! With the 4 months of autonomy of this case, GeoRide will be perfectly suited to all motorcyclists, even those who do not ride every day.

The new motorcycle lock and unlock feature detects when the engine is on or off! So, as soon as your motorcycle is stopped, the box will automatically lock the motorcycle so you don't forget to do it.

Using the contactless badge sold with GeoRide, your two-wheeler will recognize you and unlock the case without you having to take out your phone! By becoming smarter than before, GeoRide makes your daily life even easier while maximizing the protection of your motorcycle.

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Motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Roadster

The motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Roadster allows you to benefit from network coverage throughout France, with automatic switching to the best available network.

GeoRide, a motorcycle GPS tracker for Roadster GeoRide, a motorcycle GPS tracker for Roadster

The mandatory subscription of 5 euros per month will also allow you to benefit from the security of GeoRide, the autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for roadster , in more than 100 countries, throughout Europe.

Motorcycle GPS application for Roadster

The motorcycle gps application for Roadster , GeoRide, is not only the best android motorcycle gps for Roadster , but above all the best motorcycle gps for Roadster of 2018 .

Thanks to this application, you can have access to all the data on your motorcycle, but also monitor if it is stolen. The vibration sensor constantly analyzes your motorcycle to know if someone is riding on it or moving it.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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In the event of an alert, you are notified in less than 3 seconds on the motorcycle gps application for roadster .

The special motorcycle roadster GPS not only prevents theft, but also detects a fall! All the sensors allow you to analyze whether you have fallen while riding a motorcycle. If this is the case, then GeoRide, the GPS app for roadster motorcycles will immediately notify one of your loved ones!

This telephone call will allow the person contacted to immediately notify emergency services while accurately communicating the GPS position of your motorcycle.

GeoRide box sharing allows anyone, friend or family member, to have access to your motorcycle's data in the same way as you!

From the Android motorcycle gps application for roadster , the person will be able to check that your motorcycle is secure, but also see your movements in real time when you are riding a motorcycle! Reassuring and useful, the GeoRide functions protect both the motorcycle and the rider.

GeoRide for Roadster


With GeoRide for roadster , you can protect your motorcycle in the best possible way. Street Triple, MT-07, Kawasaki Z650... all roadsters are compatible with GeoRide .

Available at the price of 369 euros, this new 100% French designed GPS tracker contains essential features for any motorcyclist concerned about their safety, but also that of their motorcycle!

Smaller but also smarter than before, it will make your roadster connected to your smartphone.

The love of motorcycling, without the stress of flying
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