GeoRide, traceur gps moto pour MV Agusta

GeoRide, motorcycle gps tracker for MV Agusta

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Effectively protecting your motorcycle may seem complicated, but it is no longer so thanks to GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta . This little box is a concentrate of technology that will help you secure your Italian wherever you are.

A motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta

GeoRide is a motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta that will help you know the position of your two wheels. The motorcycle GPS beacon for MV Agusta is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle, and is powered by the battery. This way, the box will be able to operate continuously, even if your motorcycle is turned off!

Once installed, you will be able to take advantage of all the features it offers.


Vibration detection: The vibration detection of this gps motorcycle tracker for MV Agusta lets you know as soon as someone touches your motorcycle. When this happens, you will receive a notification on your phone so you can intervene as quickly as possible.

The best solution to avoid theft is to detect it before it happens, and this is what GeoRide offers, the motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta

GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta - ©Mr.choppers GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta - ©Mr.choppers

GPS tracking: The most important feature of the MV Agusta motorcycle GPS is the real-time tracking functionality of the position of your motorcycle. From a smartphone, you can know the exact position of your vehicle at any time, from anywhere!

You will therefore have access to all of your journeys with precise data such as maximum speed, average speed, duration of your journey, weather conditions... Essential to relive your journeys and learn more about your driving .

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But this functionality of the autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for MV Agusta is valuable if your motorcycle were to be stolen! You could locate it instantly to find it more easily.

Fall detection: The integrated fall detector lets you know if you have had an accident. In the event that you are unable to notify emergency services, GeoRide will immediately notify one of your loved ones by communicating your position so that they can, for their part, call emergency services.

This motorcycle GPS tracking on your MV Agusta is ideal for a solo motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle GPS application for MV Agusta

To take advantage of all the functions of this GPS tracker, you will need to download GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS application for MV Agusta .

From the latter, you will have total control over your motorcycle, with the possibility of locking it in a location, but also of finding all your journeys with a route displayed on a map.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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Voted best motorcycle gps for MV Agusta of 2018 , GeoRide is also the best android motorcycle gps for MV Agusta ! And for those who use iOS, you will also have access to all the features on the motorcycle gps iphone application for MV Agusta

A motorcycle GPS tracker with sim card for MV Agusta

The GeoRide box is a motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for MV Agusta . This means that to be able to take full advantage of this motorcycle GPS tracker , you will have to opt for the one-time purchase or rental of GeoRide from €9.99/month .

The latter allows GeoRide to secure your motorcycle in France and in more than 30 countries throughout Europe. Travel the roads of your region or those of another country with complete peace of mind with GeoRide, the Android motorcycle GPS for MV Agusta


GeoRide for MV Agusta

If you want to protect your beautiful Italian, then GeoRide for MV Agusta is the solution for you. Developed by passionate motorcyclists concerned about the safety of their motorcycle, the functionalities of this case will meet all of your needs, and even more!

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