GeoRide, le traceur gps moto pour Honda

GeoRide, the motorcycle gps tracker for Honda

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Do you need a motorcycle GPS tracker for Honda ? GeoRide has thought of you! With the motorcycle GPS tracker for Honda , you will be able to protect your motorcycle like never before!

The different technologies integrated into this box offer you numerous possibilities for securing your two wheels.

The features of the motorcycle GPS tracker for Honda

The features of the motorcycle GPS tracker for Honda will make your life easier! No more locks that are complicated to install and take up space, goodbye to disc locks that damage the mudguard when you forget to remove them.

Say hello to GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS beacon for Honda.

Honda motorcycle compatible with GeoRide GPS tracker Honda motorcycle compatible with GeoRide GPS tracker

- Vibration detection: Have you parked to take a break from your motorcycle ride, but you have no visual on your two wheels? Vibration detection protects your motorcycle by notifying you, both on Android and iOS, as soon as someone touches your motorcycle. So, if someone climbs on it or tries to move it, you will be immediately notified via GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS app for Honda .

- GPS position: With GeoRide, GPS tracking for Honda motorcycles allows you to follow the movements of your two wheels live from the application. In the event of theft, you will be able to immediately locate your motorcycle and track it in real time. By sharing your motorcycle with one of your loved ones, they will also be able to track your position live via the Android motorcycle gps application for your Honda .

- Call a friend: In the event of a fall on a motorcycle, when you are alone, your GeoRide box, the autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for Honda, can save your life by calling a friend of your choice so that they can in turn , call the emergency. The location will also be shared so he can find you more easily.

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- Trip history: When you go out for a motorcycle ride with your Honda, you like to remember the roads taken to create a motorcycle road book. Well with GeoRide, you no longer need to remember that! The special Honda motorcycle gps records all your trips directly on the GeoRide servers so that you can consult them later from the Honda motorcycle gps application for Android or iPhone.

Motorcycle GPS application for your Honda

Thanks to GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS application for Honda , you can take care of your two wheels! By calculating the kilometers traveled, GeoRide can help you anticipate servicing your motorcycle.

But that's not all ! You can also join members of the community to discuss your common passion, offer trips or even create motorcycle clubs...

The GPS tracking functions will help you find bikers near you, but also join them to go on a motorcycle tour.

Motorcycle GPS tracker with sim card for Honda

GeoRide is a motorcycle GPS tracker with sim card for Honda . It is also the best android motorcycle gps for Honda and the best motorcycle gps 2018 for Honda. The subscription of 5 euros per month is essential to benefit from all the features of the box (journey sharing, journey history, motorcycle club, etc.)

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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Network coverage extends beyond France, with coverage in 31 countries in Europe! Wherever you go, your motorcycle will be protected.

GeoRide for Honda

No need to look for a comparison of motorcycle gps tracker for Honda , because you have just found the best.

GeoRide is two in one: a Honda motorcycle GPS tracker and a Honda motorcycle GPS app . It brings together the best technologies to secure your motorcycle, but also its owner.


Created by passionate motorcyclists for passionate motorcyclists, this GPS tracker for Honda will reassure you, but above all it will reassure your family thanks to the real-time tracking functionality.

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