GeoRide, le traceur gps moto pour Ducati

GeoRide, the motorcycle gps tracker for Ducati

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A motorcycle GPS tracker for Ducati is what you need if you want to protect your motorcycle in the best possible way.

With GeoRide, the Ducati compatible motorcycle GPS app , you can monitor your two wheels at any time, from anywhere in the world, from your smartphone.

Motorcycle GPS tracker on Ducati

To install a motorcycle GPS tracker on Ducati , nothing could be simpler! Just choose the GeoRide box. It is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle, and it will be very discreet thanks to its compact format.


So you can continue to put things under your saddle and pretend it's not there!

Ducati motorcycle compatible with the GeoRide tracker Ducati motorcycle compatible with the GeoRide tracker

GeoRide is powered by your motorcycle's battery. Once connected, this motorcycle GPS beacon for Ducati will protect your vehicle against attempted theft.

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GeoRide includes a vibration detection system that alerts you as soon as your motorcycle is touched by a stranger.

So, when your motorcycle is parked outside, and you do not have a visual on it, the special Ducati motorcycle GPS will warn you when someone gets on your motorcycle or tries to move it.

A motorcycle GPS application for Ducati

GeoRide is both a GPS tracker and a motorcycle GPS application for Ducati ! The latter will allow you to communicate with the box located under the saddle of your two wheels, and to retrieve various information: vibration detection, position of the motorcycle, locking of the motorcycle, total distances with your motorcycle, etc.

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In addition to being a motorcycle gps tracker for Ducati which secures your motorcycle when it is parked, GeoRide allows you to know your entire journey thanks to numerous data and statistics (maximum speed, average speed, journey duration, weather report...)

Although it is the best android motorcycle gps for Ducati , GeoRide is also the best motorcycle gps 2018 for Ducati ! Enough to be confident in the functionalities that the case offers to protect your motorcycle.

Motorcycle GPS tracking for your Ducati is a feature that you can share with your loved ones! In the event of a fall, the GeoRide box communicates directly with the people you have chosen (via a phone call).

This way, your loved ones will be able to easily locate you and transmit the position information to the emergency services. This is the most effective solution when you ride a motorcycle alone.


If a loved one downloads the motorcycle GPS application for Ducati , then they will be able to follow you in real time via the geolocation of the box and receive notifications directly on their smartphone.

Although the android motorcycle gps application for Ducati is the most popular, GeoRide is also an iphone motorcycle gps for Ducati ! Available on both systems, you can continue to use it even if you change smartphones.

Motorcycle gps tracker with sim card for Ducati

The GeoRide box is a motorcycle GPS tracker with sim card for Ducati . If it includes this small card that you can find in your smartphone, it is because it requires internet connectivity to transmit all the data it stores.

For this, it includes a subscription which will allow the device to be connected anywhere in Europe. You can therefore go on a road trip to another country like Germany or Spain, GeoRide will protect your motorcycle in the same way as in France!

Available from €9.99/month, GeoRide is essential if you want an autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for Ducati !

GeoRide on Ducati

GeoRide is compatible with all Ducati brand motorcycles! Whether you're riding a Monster-type roadster or a sports car like the Panigale, the motorcycle GPS tracker for Ducati adapts to all mounts, and all engine sizes, without restriction!

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