GeoRide, un traceur gps pour moto cross

GeoRide, a gps tracker for motocross

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A GPS tracker for motocross is an ideal, even essential, tool to protect your motorcycle that frequently sleeps in a garage.
A dirt bike is not used as regularly as a road bike. It is therefore essential that it is protected when you cannot keep an eye on it.

So with GeoRide, the GPS beacon for motocross , protect your two wheels with ease, and monitor it from anywhere in the world.

A GPS tracker on a motocross bike

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If you want to install a GPS tracker on a motocross bike , GeoRide is the device you need. This small, compact box is installed under the saddle of your motorcycle and is powered directly from the battery. Once this GPS tracker for motocross is in place, your motorcycle will be protected in the best possible way.
GeoRide, GPS tracker for motocross GeoRide, GPS tracker for motocross
The vibration detection integrated into the device will let you know as soon as your motorcycle is touched. And if an individual tries to steal it and leaves with it, the GPS tracking of the motocross bike is activated, you will be able to follow each of your motorcycle's movements in real time.
In the event of a fall with your motocross bike, and if you are riding alone, GeoRide allows you to notify your loved ones by telephone.
This way, in the event of a problem that does not allow you to notify the emergency services, your loved ones will be able to do so while communicating your GPS position.
The GPS tracker for motocross not only protects your motorcycle, it also protects the rider and reassures your loved ones. With your permission, they will be able to associate with the box and see the position of your motocross bike in real time.


GPS application for motocross

GeoRide is not only a box, it is also a GPS application for motocross . From the latter, you will be able to know the GPS position of your motorcycle at any time! Best motocross gps on android and also best motocross gps of 2018 , GeoRide is appreciated thanks to its many features, but above all because it is developed by bikers for bikers!
The special motocross gps is compatible with Android , but also iOS! Enjoy the GPS app for motocross on the smartphone of your choice with the same features.

From the motocross gps application on Android or iPhone, follow the movements of your motorcycle in real time. With the GPS position of your two wheels, GeoRide can calculate the speed of your motorcycle live with great reliability, but also create a history of your positions. This way, you will be able to visualize your maximum speed as well as the speed over a given portion.

Motocross gps tracker with sim card

GeoRide requires an internet connection to work, and that is why it is a motocross gps tracker with sim card .
The best way to have an internet connection on a motocross field or on trails is via cellular data.
Thus, GeoRide offers the best possible coverage, in all circumstances, by automatically switching to the best operator. In this way, you have a real autonomous motocross GPS tracker .
The subscription to GeoRide services is from €9.99/month . You will therefore benefit from all the functions offered by the box: GPS tracking, vibration detection, journey sharing, exchange with the community...
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GeoRide for motocross

Compatible with many motorcycle brands, GeoRide is also compatible with motocross bikes! With GPS tracking, your motorcycle will be safe wherever it is!
Viewing its live position from the Android or iOS application will allow you to find it easily.

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