GeoRide, le traceur gps moto pour Aprilia

GeoRide, the motorcycle gps tracker for Aprilia

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To effectively protect your motorcycle, there is nothing better than GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia . With this small box, your motorcycle will have many features to secure the vehicle, but also its driver.

A motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia

GeoRide is a motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia . It will allow you to have real-time monitoring of the position of your motorcycle. Its installation is simple, just attach it under the saddle of your Aprilia , connect it to the battery, and download GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS app for Aprilia .


This motorcycle GPS beacon for Aprilia offers incredible functions. You will be able to have access to all the journeys you have made with your two wheels!

Each of these journeys will be accompanied by a multitude of information: Maximum speed, average speed, journey duration, journey distance, towns crossed... The motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia is therefore ideal if you wish to have a history of your motorcycle rides with the possibility of sharing them.

GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia GeoRide, the motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia

In addition to serving as a road book , GeoRide, the special Aprilia motorcycle GPS, will protect your motorcycle like no other system. It incorporates sensors that detect the vibrations of your motorcycle.

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So, when it is parked in a parking lot, on the street, or in your garage, and someone touches your motorcycle, you immediately receive an alert on your smartphone. This is the best way to prevent theft!

The motorcycle gps tracker for Aprilia allows you to geolocate it at any time! When it is on the move, you can know with great precision its speed, time and location. In the event of theft, motorcycle GPS tracking for Aprilia offers you essential data to help you find your motorcycle.

Motorcycle GPS application for Aprilia

To take full advantage of GeoRide's features, you will need to install the motorcycle gps application for Aprilia of the same name. Thanks to the latter, you will be able to constantly keep an eye on your motorcycle, whether you are next to it or not.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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GeoRide was voted best android motorcycle gps for Aprilia and best motorcycle gps 2018 for Aprilia ! It is therefore the most effective solution to protect your vehicle. It is both an iPhone motorcycle GPS for Aprilia and an Android motorcycle GPS for Aprilia .

Whether you're on iPhone or Android, there will be a GeoRide app for you! You can therefore continue to use GeoRide services even if you change your phone.

In the motorcycle gps application for Aprilia , you can share information from your unit with friends, but also add the phone number of your loved ones! This feature allows the GeoRide box, in the event of a fall with your motorcycle, to notify your loved ones so that they can alert emergency services if you are in danger.


Your safety being an essential element, GeoRide fall detection constantly ensures that you are safe and reassures your loved ones.

A motorcycle GPS tracker with sim card for Aprilia

This motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card for Aprilia works in France and in more than thirty countries in Europe! To benefit from all the services of this android motorcycle gps for Aprilia , you will have to opt for purchase only or rental from €9.99/month

With automatic switching to the best network, GeoRide is reliable and allows you to monitor your motorcycle in the most remote corners. The subscription is without obligation, you can stop it at any time according to your needs.

GeoRide for Aprillia

By choosing the autonomous motorcycle GPS tracker for Aprilia , you are offering the best security to your motorcycle. Vibration detection alerts in the event of a suspicious event on your two wheels, and fall detection alerts one of your loved ones in the event of an accident.

Ride with GeoRide and connect your motorcycle to your smartphone to keep an eye on it, even if you're not nearby.

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