Traceur GPS pour Honda PCX 125

GPS plotter for Honda PCX 125

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With the GPS tracker for Honda PCX 125 your scooter will be protected against theft attempts like no other system allows.

Honda PCX 125 smartphone alarm


The smartphone alarm for Honda PCX 125 allows you to know from your iPhone or Android phone if your scooter is being stolen! Placed under the saddle of your scooter, GeoRide is a small connected box that works via cellular data (2G, 4G, etc.) but does not require a SIM card to operate!

Powered by your scooter's battery, GeoRide can operate for more than 4 months without you needing to start or recharge your scooter's battery. In the event of a low battery, it can switch to its internal battery, allowing it to continue protecting your vehicle for several days.
As soon as someone touches your Scooter, the connected alarm for Honda PCX 125 scooter notifies you on your phone so that you can intervene. With the 110 dB siren that comes in the GeoRide box, you can equip your scooter with a powerful deterrent alarm that will repel thieves.
You don't need to turn off the alarm manually from your phone! As soon as you approach your scooter, GeoRide recognizes the Bluetooth badge and deactivates the anti-theft protection so you can hit the road immediately.

Honda PCX 125 connected anti-theft device

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The connected anti-theft device for Honda PCX 125 allows you to detect thefts before they take place! The vibration sensor associated with GeoRide algorithms provides you with optimal protection so that no one can touch your scooter without you being informed.

In addition to being an anti-theft device, GeoRide is the best GPS tracker for Honda PCX 125 motorcycle ! Capable of locating your scooter with remarkable precision, you will be able to locate it at any time from the application if it is stolen.
By sharing the location of your Honda PCX 125 with the police, they will be able to locate it from their phone and take action so that your vehicle can be found before it suffers damage.
GeoRide works using the cellular network but requires no SIM card! Compatible with many frequencies, you will have access to the position of your scooter wherever it is parked: in the basement, in a garage, in a truck, in a remote countryside... Keep a constant eye on your Honda PCX 125 and rest assured.

Honda PCX 125 anti-theft box

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The Honda PCX 125 anti-theft box is not only used to protect your scooter against theft attempts! Thanks to the fall detector for Honda PCX 125 GeoRide can detect if you are the victim of an accident.
In the event of a fall, GeoRide services will call you on your phone, but if you do not answer, they will notify the emergency services by providing them with your GPS location so that they can intervene quickly.
With accident detection for Honda PCX 125, you are protected and you reassure your loved ones. Share your scooter's location with them so they can know you're safe.

GeoRide for Honda PCX 125 scooter


With GeoRide for Honda PCX 125 scooter you benefit from the best protection against attempted theft for your scooter, as well as effective protection against accidents .
The alarm for Honda PCX 125 associated with the fall sensor for Honda PCX 125 alerts you immediately in the GeoRide application for iPhone and Android! Thanks to real-time measurement of your journeys, GeoRide is also able to show you detailed statistics on your driving style and your routes: Tilt angle, average speed, maximum speed, weather during the journey.
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