Un road trip en moto en Corse, ça vous tente ?

Would you like a motorbike road trip in Corsica?

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Who has never been tempted by a little motorcycle road trip in Corsica with friends or even alone? Discovering the wonders of the island of beauty, and moreover by motorbike, is the ultimate dream of many motorcyclists.

A tourist motorcycle tour in Corsica


Undertaking a tourist motorcycle tour in Corsica is the best way to discover all the hidden treasures of this paradise island.

As soon as the beautiful days appear, when the sun gently blows on the rocky Corsican mountains, it is completely natural to think only of the weekend or the holidays, when you will finally be able to take your motorcycle out of the garage.

This French department has the power to offer you, at a single glance, a breathtaking view of the beautiful, high mountains and a resplendent blue sea. A rather wooded and mountainous island, it offers endless possibilities to anyone who enjoys motorcycle road trips .

Which motorcycle ride route in Corsica should you choose?

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But which motorcycle ride route in Corsica would allow you to see all the hidden beauties of the famous French island? You can easily find itineraries by the sea, or rather in the mountains, which will allow you to explore the treasures of the island of beauty.

Corsica, the island of beauty Corsica, the island of beauty

GeoRide suggests a motorcycle route in Corsica that we particularly liked, and we wanted to share it with you. You will ride for approximately 5 hours without a break and cover 238 kilometers.

For the more observant, and the slower, count off a day straight away, and take the time to contemplate the wonders available to you.

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In order to explore the entire Corsican west coast, and its famous D81, you will begin your motorcycle journey in Corsica with the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio. You can also visit the Maison Bonaparte museum there.

You will then take the road on the D81, a famous winding road in different tones of volcanic red which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Piana coves.

By leaving early in the morning, you avoid the crowds of cars and pedestrians, but you will probably not avoid the unwanted crossings of goats or pigs!

After 45 kilometers, you will descend to the village of Cargèse, famous for its fishing ports, then take the road again to the gateway to the Scandola nature reserve. This marine area, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, is home to the Piana coves, which are unmissable on your Corsican stroll!

Piana Calanques in Corsica Piana Calanques in Corsica

Continuing your road trip, you will reach Galeria, the first Corsican town to organize a motorcycle festival, the famous Galera Biker Bay, which usually takes place between May and June. If you go there during this period, you will have the pleasure of making a short, or even long, stopover there, and meeting other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Once you leave, you will continue to the old citadel of Calvi, said to be the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. It overlooks the beautiful houses and small streets below it, the fishermen's port and a long beach of fine white sand. Ideal for getting some sun and fresh air and taking the opportunity to visit all its wonders.

A motorcycle ride in Corsica to reach Bastia


The next stage of this motorcycle tour in Corsica is to reach Île-Rousse, especially for those who are more cautious. The beaches of this island are recognized as being the warmest in Corsica.

Leaving what could also be called “the island of sunsets”, you will notice that the D81 becomes the N197. No, this is not an error! You will move away a little from the seaside, and move inland, crossing the Agriates Desert.

After 67 kilometers traveled from Calvi, you will reach the famous tourist resort of Saint-Florent, where the stars come to rest in their summer residence.

Calvi, town in Corsica Calvi, town in Corsica

For wine lovers, you can make your last stop at the site of Patrimonio, a town recognized for the quality of its wines since Antiquity.

And finally, you will end this delicious road trip in Corsica with the citadel of Bastia, in order to fully soak up the Corsican atmosphere by strolling through the small streets, and tasting all the specialties on offer.

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