Créer un road book moto en France avec GeoRide

Create a motorcycle road book in France with GeoRide

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Are you planning to go on vacation with your friends, and would you like to put together a motorcycle road book in France before your departure? To help you prepare as best as possible before embarking on the much sought-after adventure of the road trip, choose a reliable tool that can anticipate the route of your motorcycle ride such as GeoRide .

Take to the roads of France on a motorbike with peace of mind

Any motorcyclist planning to travel the roads of France on a motorbike must prepare in advance. In addition to checking the equipment which is just essential for your safety, and for the proper functioning of your motorcycle, you must establish a road book, that is to say a road book which will give the route to follow .


This is done both among racing drivers, but also among the uninitiated. This is a document which lists the route which will be taken, as well as the various difficulties which the motorcyclist may encounter (winding road, frequent icy conditions, risk of falling rocks, etc.).

French roads by motorbike French roads by motorbike

You can complete it with all the information that seems relevant to you to know before leaving (possibility of filling up with gas at such and such a place, doing your shopping here, visiting such and such a monument, such and such a castle, etc.).

You travel the most beautiful roads in France on a motorbike (almost) with your eyes closed, and guided by your road book.

How to find a motorcycle ride guide?

Before starting your road book, you need to find a good motorcycle ride guide . He can take a human form, such as a friend, relative or acquaintance who advises you on a route he has already taken.

But it can also be a website listing several ideas for motorcycle rides according to the different regions of France (and elsewhere).

Many are specialized according to a geographical area and are full of little details that allow you to fully enjoy your road trip .

A safe motorbike ride in France thanks to GeoRide

GeoRide is not only a tool to plan your motorcycle ride in France , but also to protect you.

Rediscover the motorcycle experience

We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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This box attached to your vehicle's battery is equipped with a fall detector which has two purposes:

The first is to warn your loved ones in the event of a fall on the road who can subsequently alert the emergency services. The second is to warn you if someone ever tries to steal your motorcycle by detecting unexpected vibrations.

It's always easier to sleep soundly when you know that your motorcycle is equipped with some sort of alarm that notifies you if anyone ever touches your motorcycle.

The same goes for your loved ones, who will be reassured to know that they will be the first to be informed in the event of an accident, and will be able to take the necessary actions to help you.

Discover tourist motorcycle circuits validated by the GeoRide team

GeoRide will be happy to help you discover the different motorcycle tourist circuits that some members of our teams have completed.

By browsing our blog, you will be able to spot ideas for motorcycle rides to do throughout France, with, for some, personal comments to share our impressions with you.

On the GeoRide application , all the journeys you have taken are available. And the best thing about this platform is that it is possible to export any route in .gpx format so that it can be read on another GPS.

Thus, the GeoRide community is able to easily share the routes that each member has already tested, and everyone can choose a route previously validated by another member, and leave with confidence.

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