Où Acheter GeoRide à Toulouse ?

Where to buy GeoRide in Toulouse?

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Wondering where to buy GeoRide in Toulouse ? Discover all our resellers near Toulouse who will allow you to obtain the best motorcycle lock on the market.

Buy a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker

Buying a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker allows you to protect your motorcycle against theft, fire or even parking falls.


GeoRide is the ultimate safety system for your motorcycle. With its vibration sensor, you can know at any time if someone is touching your motorcycle. The box analyzes every vibration of your motorcycle and alerts you if a suspicious event is detected.

This feature makes it possible to detect theft before it takes place. So you can act before your motorcycle is stolen! And if you weren't able to act in time, GeoRide includes a GPS tracker!

This way, your motorcycle can be geolocated at any time, from anywhere in the world, and in real time! Every trip of your motorcycle will be accessible directly from the Android or iOS application.

With this location information, law enforcement will be able to very easily find your stolen motorcycle before it suffers damage.

To be even more dissuasive, GeoRide also includes a 100 dB audible alarm! Triggered as soon as the box detects a vibration, this alarm can also be activated remotely from your smartphone. Perfect for deterring people you see lurking too close to your motorcycle.

GeoRide is not only intended to protect your motorcycle, the case can also protect you! The integrated fall detector lets you know if you are the victim of an accident.

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If this is the case, the box checks that you are conscious and able to respond to your smartphone. In case you cannot, the GeoRide service automatically calls one of your loved ones providing all the necessary information.

For bikers who like to travel the roads, GeoRide has also thought of them! In addition to offering a multitude of protection options for the motorcycle and the rider, GeoRide is also used to record all your journeys!

From the application, view all the rides you have taken with additional information: Average speed, maximum speed, trip duration, trip distance, angle of inclination of the motorcycle at each turn, and even the weather!

Relive your journeys as if you were there and create roadbooks that you can share with other bikers.

The new version of GeoRide includes features that allow you to use it without your phone! From now on, the protection of your motorcycle is done without you needing to intervene. The Bluetooth badge sold with GeoRide detects if you are near your motorcycle.

When getting off your motorcycle, the box detects that the engine has stopped and the badge has moved away to automatically activate anti-theft protection. As soon as you return near your two wheels, the badge will notify the box so that you can get back on the road without activating the alarm!

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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Intelligent and completely invisible, GeoRide makes your daily life easier. To enable extended compatibility and better energy management, GeoRide integrates new components!

From now on, the box can be installed on all motorcycles and allows autonomy of up to 4 months! Beyond that, GeoRide automatically switches to its internal battery so that your motorcycle's battery is not empty when you take it back.

Whether it is a 1000cc or a 50cc, your motorcycle will be protected in the same way.

Purchasing a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is the best solution if you want to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. Easy to use, GeoRide will suit all motorcyclists.

Buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Toulouse

To buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Toulouse , there are different possibilities, but the simplest is to go to one of our resellers.

Where to find the GeoRide GPS tracker in Toulouse? Our closest reseller to Toulouse for the purchase of the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is “SPEEDWAY Toulouse”. Available on the shelves, it's the quickest way to get GeoRide.

SPEEDWAY is located 6 rue Louis Bonin, north of Toulouse. Easy to access you can get GeoRide very easily.

You can also go directly to the GeoRide offices located at 150 rue Nicolas Louis Vauquelin, 31100 Toulouse

Buying a GeoRide GPS tracker in Toulouse will soon be even easier! With more dealers available in the city, you can easily get your GeoRide connected motorcycle alarm.

Where to find GeoRide online


No more wondering where to find GeoRide online ! If you don't have resellers near you, this is the best way to get GeoRide.

On the GeoRide.fr website, you can order your box in a few clicks. GeoRide's delivery is very fast, and in a few days, you will be able to equip your motorcycle with the best motorcycle lock.

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