Où Acheter GeoRide à Rennes ?

Where to buy GeoRide in Rennes?

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Are you looking for where to buy GeoRide in Rennes ? Discover our list of resellers closest to Rennes to obtain GeoRide, the connected motorcycle anti-theft device.

Buy a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker

Buying a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker protects you against theft attempts. By integrating a vibration sensor, the case can detect at any time if a person touches or rides on your motorcycle.


Unlike a classic anti-theft device which only serves to delay thieves, GeoRide allows you to anticipate the theft in order to act before it takes place.

Receive vibration alerts directly to your smartphone via push notification, SMS or call.

If a problem prevents you from intervening at the time of the theft, GeoRide allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time. The GPS beacon integrated into the case gives a precise position up to 1 meter and in real time!

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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All the movements of your motorcycle are available in the application so that you can know where it has been stored following a theft.

With such precise position data, law enforcement will be able to find your motorcycle quickly, and above all, before it suffers damage.

Combined with the 110 dB audible alarm, you can have better position information if your motorcycle is stored in a box.

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Completely autonomous, this alarm can also be triggered manually from your smartphone! With the push of a button, you can deter people from lurking too close to your motorcycle.

In addition to providing effective protection for your motorcycle, GeoRide helps protect the biker! With a reliable fall detector, the box detects the slightest accident. In the event that you cannot notify someone, GeoRide will take care of it! By immediately calling one of your loved ones and providing them with location information, they will be able to alert emergency services very quickly.

Safety is an essential point for GeoRide, but so is the pleasure of the road! With the permanent recording of your position, you can find in the application all the journeys you have made with your motorcycle!

And to go further, GeoRide also records a lot of data such as average speed, maximum speed, inclination angle and even the weather.

Relive your journeys as if you were there, learn more about your driving style and create roadbooks for your future rides.

Thanks to the Bluetooth badge delivered with GeoRide, you no longer need your phone! Attach it to your keys, and the box will recognize you. When you approach your motorcycle, GeoRide recognizes you and deactivates the motorcycle's anti-theft protection.

If you take a break on the road or return to the garage, as soon as you move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide activates protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle.

Invisible during use, GeoRide is also invisible once installed! The box is smaller than a credit card, it is powered by your motorcycle's battery and is placed under the saddle.

GeoRide can protect your motorcycle, even if you don't ride often! With an advanced energy management mode, the case consumes almost nothing, which allows it to provide effective protection for 4 months when you are not riding!


Beyond that, and to preserve your motorcycle's battery, the box automatically switches to its internal battery until you get back on the road.

Compatible with all motorcycles of all brands and sizes, you can enjoy the protection of GeoRide everywhere

Purchasing a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker ensures effective protection against theft, fire and falls.

Buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Rennes

To purchase the GeoRide GPS tracker in Rennes , go to your SpeedWay Rennes reseller located at 9 Rue du Lieutenant Colonel Dubois.

Where to find the GeoRide GPS tracker near Rennes? The purchase of the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker will soon be possible near Rennes! By expanding our dealer network, you will soon be able to purchase GeoRide in many more motorcycle stores.

Sold from €9.99/month , purchasing a GeoRide GPS tracker in Rennes will protect your motorcycle against attempted theft, but also against fires and falls in the parking lot.

Where to find GeoRide online?

For motorcyclists who don't have resellers near them and who are wondering where to find GeoRide online , simply go to the GeoRide.fr website and order your box!

In just a few clicks your order will be placed and you will receive GeoRide at your home within a few days. All you have to do is install it on your motorcycle so that it is protected against theft attempts.

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