Où Acheter GeoRide à Paris ?

Where to buy GeoRide in Paris?

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If you don't know where to buy GeoRide in Paris , we will show you the list of all our resellers near Paris which will allow you to buy the most efficient motorcycle alarm.

Buy a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker

Buying a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is the most effective way to protect your motorcycle from fires, parking lot falls, but above all from theft!


With GeoRide, you are assured of having the best protection for your motorcycle. By integrating a vibration sensor, the box can detect the slightest movement of your motorcycle at any time. If someone climbs on it or touches it, you are immediately notified by notification on your Android or iOS smartphone.

By detecting vibrations, GeoRide can detect theft before it happens! This way you can intervene quickly before your two wheels are stolen.

If you were unable to act in time to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, the tracking functionality integrated into GeoRide allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time! The slightest movement of your motorcycle will be available in the GeoRide application.

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Thanks to such information, the police will be able to find your motorcycle very quickly, and above all, before it suffers damage.

To be more dissuasive than ever, GeoRide has a 110 dB sound alarm that can be triggered remotely. From your smartphone, you just have to press a button to trigger it! Ideal for scaring away people who are lurking too close to your motorcycle.

To go further, this siren can also be triggered upon detection of a vibration. Thus, as soon as the GeoRide box detects a suspicious event, it can immediately launch the alert to scare away the thief and warn people in the surrounding area.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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Perfectly suited to protecting your motorcycle, GeoRide is also designed to protect the rider! With the integrated fall detector, the box detects if you are the victim of an accident. If this is the case, and you are unable to call emergency services, GeoRide automatically calls one of your loved ones, sending them all the information necessary to help you.

Beyond safety, GeoRide also allows you to relive all of your motorcycle trips. From the application, you can easily access your ride history and find all the useful information such as average speed, maximum speed, trip duration, trip distance, weather or even the inclination of your motorcycle in turn !

Create roadbooks and share them with the GeoRide community or save them to relive your most beautiful rides.

In the new version of GeoRide, it will no longer be necessary to carry your phone! Thanks to the Bluetooth badge sold with GeoRide, you can activate and deactivate the protection of your motorcycle with ease.

When you approach your motorcycle, the box recognizes you and deactivates the protection so you can hit the road immediately without triggering the alarm. As soon as you turn off the engine and move away from your two-wheeler, GeoRide detects this too and instantly activates the protection.

Perfectly invisible in its use, GeoRide is also invisible in its installation! For it to work, simply connect it to your motorcycle's battery and attach it under your saddle.

The new version of GeoRide can protect your motorcycle even if you don't ride it often! With improved energy management, the box can operate for 4 months without you needing to start your motorcycle. Beyond that, and to preserve your vehicle's battery, GeoRide switches to its own internal battery and notifies you by notification.


Compatible with all types of motorcycles, whether 1000cc or 50cc, GeoRide protects all motorcycles in the same way! Purchasing a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker allows you to put your motorcycle in your pocket to check, at any time, that it is safe. Easy to use GeoRide is suitable for all motorcyclists.

Buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Paris

If you want to buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Paris , know that there are many places where you can get it.

The closest reseller to Paris is SPEEDWAY Paris. Located at 237 rue Marcadet. This is the quickest way to get GeoRide in the Paris region!

Where to find the GeoRide GPS tracker near Paris? For bikers who live near Paris, but who do not want to cross the city to obtain GeoRide, another reseller is available south of Paris!

With SPEEDWAY Montlhéry located at 85-87 Route d'Orléans in 91, you can purchase the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker without having to go directly to Paris!

Available from €9.99/month , GeoRide will protect your motorcycle like no other motorcycle system.

Purchasing a GeoRide GPS tracker in Paris will become even simpler. By expanding your network of partners, you will soon be able to obtain GeoRide in more physical stores.

Where to find GeoRide online?

You no longer have to wonder where to find GeoRide online! If you don't have any resellers near you, go to GeoRide.fr, order your box very simply and receive it within 48 hours!

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