Où Acheter GeoRide à Nice ?

Where to buy GeoRide in Nice?

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Wondering where to buy GeoRide in Nice ? Discover the list of our resellers near Nice and get the best connected motorcycle lock.

Buy a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker

Buying a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is essential if you want to protect your motorcycle in the best possible way. With GeoRide, the connected motorcycle anti-theft device, you can not only protect it from theft, but also from fires and parking lot falls.

By integrating a vibration sensor, GeoRide can detect the slightest movement of your motorcycle. If a person touches it or climbs on it, the box detects it and notifies you immediately via push notification on your smartphone. A classic anti-theft device only delays thieves, but not GeoRide! This system allows you to act before the theft takes place, and therefore to protect your motorcycle more effectively.


If during a flight you did not have time to act despite the notifications, GeoRide has a GPS chip that allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time! You will find all the known locations of your motorcycle directly from the Android and iOS GeoRide application.

Such precise location information will allow law enforcement to find your motorcycle very easily, and above all, before it suffers damage. In addition to protecting your motorcycle against theft, GeoRide can deter thieves! With the integrated 100 dB sound alarm, at the slightest movement of your motorcycle the siren is triggered to warn you, but also to ward off thieves.

Triggered automatically, you can also use this alarm to keep people away from your motorcycle. From the smartphone app, you can manually trigger the alarm at the touch of a button.

Protecting your motorcycle is essential, but for GeoRide, protecting the rider is just as important! With a built-in fall sensor, the case can determine if you are in an accident. If this were to happen and you are unable to notify emergency services, GeoRide will take care of notifying your loved ones by providing them with all the necessary information. They will then be able to transmit your position to the emergency services so that they can intervene as quickly as possible.

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Beyond safety, GeoRide also allows you to enjoy your journeys in a new way. By precisely recording all your trips, you can not only view a history of your trips, but also relive them from the application! Average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, motorcycle lean angle and even weather are analyzed every second so that you can learn more about your driving style at any time.

The new version of GeoRide is completely autonomous! You no longer need to take your smartphone with you during your walks. Thanks to the Bluetooth badge sold with GeoRide, you can activate and deactivate your motorcycle's anti-theft protection hands-free! As soon as you are near the box, it recognizes you and automatically deactivates security so you can hit the road immediately. During a break or stop, if you move away from your motorcycle more than a few meters, GeoRide detects this and automatically activates protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle.

Easy to install, GeoRide is especially compatible with all motorcycles, whatever the engine capacity! Once placed under the saddle of your motorcycle and connected to the battery, it will permanently protect your motorcycle. For motorcyclists who do not ride their motorcycle daily, GeoRide will still be able to operate without draining the vehicle's battery! Its new energy management system allows it to last for 4 months without you needing to start your motorcycle. Beyond that, it will automatically switch to its internal battery to preserve that of your motorcycle. When you get back on the road, your motorcycle's battery will be fully recharged and GeoRide will be able to operate again for several months.

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Purchasing a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker is ideal if you want effective protection for your motorcycle, but also a precise system to relive your motorcycle journeys.

Buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Nice

To buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Nice , you will need to go to SPEEDWAY Nice located at 1 rue Auguste Gal. In this physical store, you can get GeoRide without waiting. Where to find the GeoRide GPS tracker near Nice? By extending the list of our resellers, purchasing the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker near Nice will be even easier, you will no longer need to go to the heart of the city. Available from €9.99/month , Purchasing a GeoRide GPS tracker in Nice protects your motorcycle against theft, fire and parking falls.

Where to find GeoRide online

Where to find GeoRide online ? Directly on the official GeoRide.fr website, you can obtain the connected motorcycle lock if you don't have any resellers near you!

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