Où Acheter GeoRide à Lyon ?

Where to buy GeoRide in Lyon?

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You don't know where to buy GeoRide in Lyon ? We will tell you where to find the nearest retailer to buy the most efficient connected motorcycle lock.

Buy a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker

Buying a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker allows you to protect your motorcycle in all situations. Whether it's a fire, a parking lot fall or theft, GeoRide can help you secure your motorcycle so that nothing happens to it.


With the vibration sensor integrated into GeoRide, your motorcycle will be protected against all theft attempts. The latter makes it possible to detect the slightest movement on your motorcycle. As soon as someone touches it or climbs on it, you are immediately notified on your smartphone!
Where a traditional anti-theft device only serves to delay a thief, GeoRide allows you to act before the theft takes place.

If you are unable to act in time, GeoRide includes a GPS tracker that allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time and in real time!
Every move of your motorcycle can be found in the application. This way, it will be possible for you to track your stolen motorcycle, but above all to know exactly where it was stored.
Such precise position information could allow law enforcement to find your motorcycle quickly, and before anything happens to it.
To go further, GeoRide now includes a 110 dB audible alarm. The latter can be triggered automatically upon detection of a vibration in order to scare away thieves, but above all it can be triggered remotely from your smartphone!
With a simple press of a button in the app, you can deter people from getting too close to your motorcycle.

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Intended to protect your motorcycle, GeoRide was also designed to protect the biker! With the integrated fall sensor, the box can know if you are the victim of a fall or accident.
In the event that you are unable to notify emergency services, the box will automatically notify one of your loved ones with the associated position information so that they, for their part, can alert emergency services as quickly as possible.

Safety being paramount for GeoRide, so is the pleasure of driving. By saving all of your trips in the application, you can relive your most beautiful walks at any time as if you were there.
Average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, trip duration, weather and even bend angle are saved in the GeoRide app so you can know everything about your trips and your driving style.
Share your rides with the GeoRide community or create roadbooks from your motorcycle histories easily from an intuitive and ergonomic interface.

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We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

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No need to have your phone on all the time when you go on a motorbike with GeoRide! The case is now sold with a Bluetooth badge which allows you to activate or deactivate the anti-theft protection without you having to do anything!
As soon as you approach your motorcycle, the box recognizes the badge and deactivates the protection so that you can hit the road without triggering the alarm. In the event of a break or stop, GeoRide detects that the engine has stopped and the badge has moved away to instantly activate protection for your motorcycle.

Totally invisible in use, GeoRide is also invisible during installation! Placed under the saddle of your motorcycle, simply connect it to your motorcycle's battery for it to work.
To avoid damaging your motorcycle's battery, GeoRide has an intelligent design that reduces energy consumption. Once installed, it can protect your motorcycle for 4 months without you needing to start it! Beyond that, the box switches to its own battery to preserve that of your motorcycle.
This means you can get back on the road at any time, even after a long winter break, without having to worry about your motorcycle's battery. Compatible with all motorcycles, regardless of engine capacity, GeoRide offers effective and reliable protection to all motorcyclists concerned about the safety of their motorcycle.

Purchasing a GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker not only protects your motorcycle, but also reassures your loved ones if you often go for rides alone!

Buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Lyon

To buy the GeoRide GPS tracker in Lyon , you will need to go to our DAINESE reseller! At DAINESE STORE located at 155 Avenue Maréchal de Saxe, you can buy GeoRide.

Where to find the GeoRide GPS tracker near Lyon? Motorcyclists who live near Lyon will soon be able to purchase GeoRide without needing to go directly to the city.
By expanding our list of resellers, the purchase of the GeoRide motorcycle GPS tracker will soon be available in many motorcycle shops near Lyon.
Available from €9.99/month , purchasing a GeoRide GPS tracker in Lyon allows you to secure your motorcycle like no other motorcycle system.

Where to find GeoRide online

Where to find GeoRide online ? If you don't yet have resellers near you, know that GeoRide is available on the official website! No more wondering where to find GeoRide in store, go to GeoRide.fr and order your box in a few clicks.

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