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Merge your journeys

Published at 1 minute read
We hope you will be as happy as the young stranger in the photo for this new update? Here are the new features ⬇️

Merging journeys

This was a highly requested feature! If you ride a motorcycle all day, making a few stops , merge the routes to make just one. You can choose a name for all your trips, including merged ones. Trips whose departure and arrival points belong to a locking zone will be displayed for example this way: Home -> Work .

Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Vibration Detector

Sensitivity is set to maximum by default. You can now modify it if your animals give you false scares?

Best Push Notifications

When you open a notification it is now displayed in the application. If it is a vibration , a Consult link will take you directly to the Events list.

Finally, we fixed a bug which refocused the map on a vehicle other than the one selected. Any idea for a feature for the next update? Offer it directly from the app in Settings?

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