Nouvelle interface Web

New web interface

Published at 1 minute read
The fantastic work done by our developers is likely to delight more than one person. You were waiting for it, we did it! We have created a brand new way for you to view and share your journeys.

A web version?️

Tablets, computers, smartphones: you can now relive your journeys from all your devices thanks to the GeoRide web interface. Test the demo Bends, accelerations or rivers crossed, you will know everything about your ride down to the smallest detail.

How to access it? ?

From your trips automatically recorded in the application, share your ride with your friends by sending them the link to your trip. Please note, you must have vehicle sharing rights to generate the trip link.

Ready, fire, go?

By pressing the ▶️ button, follow the marker to view your journey as if you were there with your speed in real time.

Freeze frame?️

Have you passed through a nice little village? Take the time to pause ⏸ or change the playback speed to fully enjoy the moment.

Want to go back? ?

You can export your trips in GPX format from the web interface to return to your favorite routes.

A big thank you to the GeoRide community for all your feedback? The team is working on a new, never-before-seen feature for the next app update. You can join the GeoRide adventure at any time or send us a message if you'd like to chat. See you soon !

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