Le million !

The million!

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A surprise awaits you...

The feat

8 months and 10 days after its launch: GeoRide passes the milestone of one million kilometers traveled, a symbol of its meteoric growth .
25 times around the Earth?
It wasn't easy to do it in such a short time.
We had to deconstruct the outdated and overpriced world of GPS Trackers to start from scratch and offer a real experience to users with perfect real-time tracking and precise routes .
Not to mention exclusive features like connected alarm and fall detection that release a lot of anxieties .
Innovation has won?

The new secret project

Our market lead is growing ever wider, anyone wanting to catch up would have to drive at the speed of sound for a month non-stop to reach that million .
Resting on what you have learned is not part of our philosophy. In addition to regular updates, we are currently working on a secret project to bring you something incredible in the coming months.

The surprise

On this occasion and up to 1,010,000 km traveled we are offering 3 months of subscription for anyone wishing to join the community.
Simply enter the promo code MILLION when ordering.
Join the GeoRide community and

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