Le meilleur compagnon pour vos road trips à Moto

The best companion for your motorcycle road trips

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Are summer vacations also an opportunity to treat yourself to a nice motorcycle road trip ? Find out how GeoRide will support you during your fabulous adventure ? Relive the day's journey while sitting comfortably in your hammock? Kilometers traveled, hours spent on the bike, replay of the journey: it's all there! The GeoRide team has particularly worked on this last point to offer you a level of detail never seen before:
  • The position of the sun changes with your journey
  • The clouds become more and more present if the weather was overcast during your trip today
  • The rain intensifies in the application depending on the strength of the wind and even orients itself depending on its direction
  • The color of the sky gradually darkens as night approaches
All this, without having to launch an application during the ride. GeoRide is completely independent . GeoRide watches over your motorcycle. Receive a notification or even a phone call if:
  • Someone is riding your motorcycle ➡️ Vibration alert?
  • Your motorcycle moves away from its parking location ➡️ Exit zone alert?
  • A criminal disconnects the box from your motorcycle ➡️ Power disconnection alert ?
  • A thief tries to jam the signal from the GeoRide box ➡️ Network disconnection alert?
You will enjoy spending a peaceful night ☺️
  • The GeoRide box is equipped with a fall detector which will notify your loved ones if you do not report your condition after an accident.
  • For those who are more worried, you can share your location in real time with all your friends for the duration of your trip .
These 2 innovations will allow you to drive more peacefully without having to send an SMS every 5 minutes to the people who matter to you. Have fun, we'll take care of the rest.
The love of motorcycling, without the stress of flying
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