La personnalisation jusqu'au bout des doigts

Personalization at your fingertips

Published at 1 minute read

After two months of tireless work to prepare for the upcoming release of our social network , we are announcing the resumption of application updates.

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Personalized notifications?

It is now possible to choose the notifications you want to receive independently for each box .
Practical to prevent a friend who has shared their GeoRide box with you from waking you up in the middle of the night because they are tinkering with their motorcycle?

Go to Box settings > Notifications and personalize the notifications for each vehicle. You can remove custom notifications if you want to revert to default notifications.
If you own the vehicle, you will be able to customize more notifications.

Interview mode?

Many of you wanted a maintenance mode to tinker with your motorcycle without receiving unwanted vibration notifications .

It's now available: you can now deactivate auto-lock with a long press on Unlock when the vehicle is in an auto-lock zone only.
You can then choose the delay you want before the motorcycle automatically locks again.

Case transfer?

To transfer your case to a new buyer, simply go to Case settings > Transfer this case and that's it.

The update also includes design improvements as well as general operation of the application.

See you soon for a new update!
If you have an idea for a feature, let us know ?

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