Amélioration de l'interface de vos trajets

Improvement of the interface of your journeys

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You've probably already noticed, but this weekend GeoRide received an update that targets the route interface! The latter, rather complete, improves the interface and navigation within your journeys, but above all, it adds very practical functionality for the management and organization of your GeoRide boxes. GeoRide, Route Update GeoRide, Route Update

A new interface for your journeys

 GeoRide, Route map GeoRide, Route map

The major point of this update is the new journey interface. From now on, you will be able to find a mini map on all of your journeys which will present an overview of your motorbike ride with GeoRide.

You will have as main information, the place of departure and the place of arrival with the associated date.

Obviously, this information is accompanied by all the data associated with your motorcycle ride, such as the distance of the trip, the total duration of your ride or the maximum speed reached during your motorcycle ride with GeoRide!

This new, more intuitive and, above all, more ergonomic design allows for smooth navigation and clearer visualization of all of your journeys and associated statistics.

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Practical for knowing everything about your walks at a glance in the "Journey" tab of the GeoRide application.

A statistics card for your journeys

By selecting one of your trips made with a vehicle equipped with a GeoRide box, in addition to the dynamic weather map allowing you to relive your ride in the same conditions, you will find all of your statistics

These are accessible with a simple swipe of the screen to the right from the weather map. You will therefore find your average speed, but also the total distance traveled, the duration of your ride as well as your maximum speed!

Perfect for learning more about each of your journeys and your driving style.

Organize your GeoRide boxes

Users who have multiple boxes on the app unfortunately couldn't organize them according to their preference. But it's now possible with the new GeoRide update!


By going to the box management page, in "Settings > Vehicles", you can click on the small pen-shaped icon at the top right of your screen. This way, you will be able to change the order in which your GeoRide boxes appear on the home screen.

Simply select a vehicle, drag it and place it in the position you want!

This way, your main vehicle can be displayed first when you launch the GeoRide application while the boxes shared by your friends or your secondary boxes will be accessible simply by swiping the screen to the right.

This GeoRide update, available on Android and iOS , brings a very important new functionality for the management of its GeoRide boxes, but above all, better navigation within your journeys.

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