GeoRide lance son réseau social pour motard

GeoRide launches its social network for motorcyclists

Published at 3 minutes read

You've been waiting for it, it's here, the GeoRide social network for bikers ! With its many features such as sharing motorcycle photos or creating biker groups, it will become your best tool for communicating with handlebar enthusiasts throughout Europe.

The Georide social network The GeoRide social network

To benefit from this new functionality, you must have a GeoRide connected box. If you are the second owner or a friend has shared their case with you, this will not work.

As soon as your box is installed on your two wheels, you will immediately have access to the GeoRide biker social network . The latter is full of features that we will see in detail.

Discover bikers nearby

The first accessible feature is the discovery mode which, as its name suggests, allows you to discover bikers nearby .

To benefit from it, you will need to give your authorization to the application. Once this is done, you will discover all the bikers near you.

You can therefore chat with them to offer them a motorcycle ride on the best roads in your region, but also reach them using their GPS position. Other bikers will also be able to find you in the same way.

Thanks to this “join” feature of the GeoRide social network, you can meet at a meeting point just before starting your motorcycle outing with others.

Create your motorcycle club with GeoRide

By creating your Motorcycle Club on GeoRide , you will be able to communicate with all the members of your group, but also organize and schedule a motorcycle trip with friends across the country!

Your biker profile

Create your biker profile and share your most beautiful motorcycle rides with the GeoRide community. Indicate the location and with which motorcycle you traveled the roads!


Your photos will be visible to all members of the GeoRide social network . They will be able to follow you so as not to miss any of your posts, but also like and comment on your photos.

Search, buy and sell a motorcycle with GeoRide

The search functionality offers many options, such as the possibility of selling a motorcycle with GeoRide !

By offering an extremely comprehensive motorcycle purchase/sale option, search and find the rare gem by filtering by price, year, and mileage from enthusiasts!

Rediscover the motorcycle experience

We believe that every rider should have the freedom to pursue their passion without stress, to be safe and to stay connected with those who matter to them.

Learn more

Not only can you browse all the motorcycles on sale, but also the GeoRide community posts to discover the most beautiful biker photos. Search for users or your friends to organize group motorcycle trips and exchange ideas between enthusiasts.

Share your journeys

Share your trips to make the dream of many bikers come true: finding the perfect route to get somewhere! Forget route maps with endless straight lines.

The next GeoRide update will integrate road book sharing so that everyone in the network can follow the route you have created!

Every biker knows their region, and sharing the secrets of the area's windiest roads with the community will help create perfect motorcycle routes!

The GeoRide social network

With this social networking feature, GeoRide becomes more powerful than ever, and now it can! The features are no longer limited to protecting your motorcycle, but are extended with the aim of creating a real motorcycling community.

Constantly evolving, and listening to its community, the biker network is developing in the best possible way. So don't wait any longer, join the community of bikers on the GeoRide social network and plan motorcycle outings with friends or in a group.

The love of motorcycling, without the stress of flying
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