GeoRide ou Monimoto : comment choisir son Tracker GPS moto ?

GeoRide or Monimoto: how to choose your motorcycle GPS tracker?

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To date, you have many solutions to protect your motorcycle with a GPS Tracker. Difficult to navigate among all the products available on the market. The goal of this series of videos is to help you make the best choice based on your needs. And that, with the best possible objectivity even if I am part of the large GeoRide community.

Today we are going to compare the GeoRide solution to the Monimoto tracker.


GeoRide offers a pretty black box and Monimoto offers very simple and effective packaging.
Inside we discover the Monimoto case, it is really very pretty and very well finished. It gives a real impression of quality.
In the GeoRide box we therefore have the connected box, the proximity badge to activate and deactivate the protection automatically, the 110 decibel anti-theft siren and the power cable to the motorcycle.


Now let's get to how it works.
GeoRide and Monimoto have two very different operations. GeoRide belongs to the category of real-time solutions while Monimoto is a beacon.

This means that even if it is activated you will not have real-time location but rather a position every x minutes.

The disadvantage is that it is necessarily less effective for finding a moving vehicle. The advantage is that Monimoto does not require connection to the vehicle battery but it will need to be recharged from time to time.

With GeoRide, you easily connect the box to the vehicle battery and it's done, no more thinking about it. The connection is very simple: a red wire and a black wire, no need to be a professional. In addition, the new GeoRide 3 consumes very little energy and allows you to find the battery level of your motorcycle directly on the application.

Connecting to the motorcycle allows GeoRide to be active constantly while Monimoto only activates when the owner of the motorcycle is not recognized.

It's a different way of working, you have to see what suits you best.

Comparison of GeoRide and Monimoto

So, what are the differences between the GeoRide solution and the Monimoto tracker?

First, you must understand that GeoRide is a complete solution with a GPS Tracker, a Connected Alarm and a Fall Detector.

Monimoto aims to be a simple tracker and GeoRide as a complete solution. These are 2 totally different visions. We will review the features of GeoRide to compare with Monimoto.

GPS tracker

With GeoRide you know in real time where your motorcycle is located . It's quite a pleasant feeling to open the application and check the position of your two-wheeler. Your motorcycle is in your pocket.


Unfortunately, it is not possible with Monimoto to have real-time positioning on a daily basis. Indeed, for reasons of battery saving the position cannot be updated permanently. This is the disadvantage of a battery system.

The advantage of GeoRide connected to the motorcycle is that the connected box automatically recharges when you ride.

GeoRide can therefore easily record your journeys with great precision. You will find the precise route of your walks, the towns crossed, the altitude and even the weather. You will also be able to measure your performance with the inclination recorded on all your journeys.

With its real-time system, GeoRide can count kilometers accurately. This allows you to schedule automatic alerts to more easily manage the maintenance of your vehicle.

Be careful, if you want to have real-time location with all the travel functionalities, maintenance alerts and position sharing with loved ones, you will have to choose GeoRide.

If you only have position in the event of theft even if it will not be in real time then we advise you to choose Monimoto.

Connected alarm

Both Monimoto and GeoRide allow you to be alerted by notification or telephone alert in the event of a shock on your motorcycle. With GeoRide the alert arrives in a few seconds, compared to less than a minute for Monimoto.
The advantage of GeoRide is that the GPS position is already recovered during a theft alert since it is updated in real time.

GeoRide will go a little further by offering other types of alerts. You will be warned, for example, if the housing fixing is detached, if the power supply is disconnected or even if the motorcycle experiences a fire.
You will also know the status of vehicle protection in real time on the application.

Locate your motorcycle in real time
I'm switching to Georide

All these alerts and additional features that GeoRide offers provide even more peace of mind to the user.
Concerning the alarm part now, Monimoto does not have one.
GeoRide is the only connected box for motorcycles to offer an anti-theft siren. This is a very practical feature for finding a vehicle underground or for deterring thieves.

Automatically program the anti-theft siren with each shock or trigger it remotely anywhere in the world.
The 110 decibel anti-theft siren is included in the box and you can take the optional 130 decibel version if you want even more power.

Fall detector

Finally, GeoRide offers a fall detector which is not the case with Monimoto.

Thanks to its integrated sensors, GeoRide detects the accident and directly notifies emergency services if you do not report your condition. At the time we are filming this video, GeoRide is the only solution to offer a call for help in the event of a fall in France and in around ten countries in Europe.

This feature is also very useful for warning the owner when the motorcycle falls while stationary.


So we have on one side Monimoto: which is a very well finished but very simple beacon, and on the other GeoRide: a complete GPS tracker solution, connected alarm, fall detector.

Monimoto has very good reviews as does GeoRide. They are simply two very different products. You now have all the elements to make your choice.


Monimoto is available for around €200 on and GeoRide for €369 on

Monimoto's subscription is €3.25/month payable annually and GeoRide's subscription is €5/month payable monthly or annually.

Thank you for watching this video, we hope it has helped you.
Tell us in the comments what is the next product you would like us to compare to GeoRide. If you have a question, feel free to ask it on our social networks or on

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