Ducati et GeoRide s’allient pour célébrer les 20 ans de la Multistrada !

Ducati and GeoRide join forces to celebrate 20 years of the Multistrada!

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Multistrada , Ducati set itself a challenge: the Multistrada 60,000 km Tour. A unique and daring adventure during which enthusiasts take turns taking the handlebars of the Multristrada V4 Rally.

The objective? Drive for 60,000 km and thus honor this motorcycle, the first in the world capable of riding so many kilometers before servicing the valves.

And which partner to follow them in this exceptional experience? GeoRide!

“The best solution for both being able to follow the motorcycle in real time throughout its journey and being able to follow in the event of a fall to be able to intervene and provide assistance to the rider. » - Noham, digital communications of Ducati West Europe

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GeoRide: adventure partner

After several months of research and analysis of available solutions, it was on GeoRide that the Ducati team naturally stopped to equip the Multistrada V4 Rally.

As reliable as their motorcycle , GeoRide was the ideal solution to carry out this crazy project started in March 2023. Real-time journey tracking, fall detection and connected siren, our 3 flagship features appeared to be essential to the realization of the challenge. Both for the safety of bikers and for sharing with the community.

“The best solution […] to be able to share with the entire community following the tour all the adventurers' routes to take the Multistrada V4 Rally up to 60,000 km. » - Noham, digital communications of Ducati West Europe

The memorable stages of the Multistrada Tour

Giuseppe, Julien, Gaëlle… there are already 12 of them who have passed the handlebars and have thus covered more than 54,000 km . They crossed legendary passes, crisscrossed incredible villages and skirted magnificent lakes, creating unforgettable memories along the way.

You can (re)experience all this through the complete details of their itineraries available here . A unique way to take part and immerse yourself in this exceptional journey, made possible thanks to Ducati and GeoRide!

An alliance for innovation and adventure

GeoRide is proud to be able to support prestigious brands like Ducati in carrying out their projects.

Technological innovation, safety on the road and an undeniable attraction to surpassing oneself... our two companies were made to work together.

Thanks to the Ducati team for their trust and let's gooo for the remaining 6,000 km!

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