Comparatif des traceurs GPS pour moto : GeoRide, Pégase, Monimoto...

Comparison of GPS trackers for motorcycles: GeoRide, Pégase, Monimoto...

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Are you looking for a good comparison of GPS trackers for motorcycles because you don't know which one to choose to protect your vehicle? With the connected motorcycle anti-theft comparison , easily find all the information that interests you about a motorcycle GPS beacon and compare the functionalities with the competition!

Reviews of GPS trackers for motorcycles

The Motorcycle GPS Tracker Review is a sure-fire way to find the best motorcycle GPS tracker. With this table which compares GPS trackers on more than 30 points, you will easily find the GPS tracker best suited to your needs.

GeoRide 3 GeoRide mini Pegase Moto 2G Pegasus motorcycle Flashbird Coyote Secure Rider Monimoto 7 Invoxia
Prices €14.99 /month all inclusive and no obligation or €369.00 €9.99 /month all inclusive and without commitment or €229 €299.00 299€ 99€ €199.00 €99.00
Subscription Included for rental, otherwise 1 year free then €49/year Included for rental, otherwise 1 year free then €49/year Free in selected countries 5€/month €14.99/month 3€/month €9.99/year (after 36 months)
Most effective active geolocation tag according to Moto Magazine

The March 2022 issue of the monthly “Moto Magazine” judged GeoRide (page 117) effective at 8/10, which is the best rating in the comparison for “Active Trackers”.
Underground detection

Detect your motorcycle underground with or without a network, thanks to the anti-theft siren that can be triggered remotely.
Integrated anti-theft siren

Trigger the anti-theft siren remotely or automatically at the slightest shock to deter thieves.
Special Alerts

Take advantage of additional alerts for even more peace of mind. Among them: Movement (different from a shock), Repeated shocks, Fire, Detached fixation or Parking fall.
Flight prediction

Theft prediction warns you thanks to its Artificial Intelligence when you park in an unusual and potentially dangerous area. We will then offer you a safer parking location.
Critical alerts

This feature available on iOS allows you to trigger a notification with a particular sound that plays even in Do Not Disturb mode.
Parking fall detection
Very thin (less than 1.3 cm thick)
Sharing location and statistics with loved ones at different access levels

Ability to share access to your application according to different access levels (speed displayed/hidden, routes displayed/hidden, real-time position displayed/hidden) without having to give your username and password.
Off-road mode

Unfortunately, you will not be able to check the good network connection of your Pégase Moto box when your motorcycle is parked and far from your position. Unlike GeoRide, you do not know if the GPS tracker is properly connected to the r"> Activate off-road mode to benefit from Fall Detection with 24/7 call for help adapted to off-road use.
Compact (less than 8 cm on one side)
iOS/Android app
Trip weather recording
Web interface
API for developers
Regular security audits Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed Not disclosed
Real-time location
Accurate journey recording

Trip recording with precision that makes it easy to read the route of a trip, with at least one GPS point every 10 seconds to distinguish straight lines from turns.
Triggering the siren off-grid
Accident detection with 24/7 emergency call
Automatic charging of the case battery with the motorcycle engine
Motorcycle maintenance log on the application with alerts
Automatic activation and deactivation of protection
Via GeoRide proximity badge

Via proximity badge
French made
Motorcycle tilt recording
Merging and exporting trips
Vibration alert with notification by phone call at the slightest movement
Power disconnection alert NC
Fastener attached or detached alert
Network disconnection alert

Possible if the box communicates regularly with the server to verify that its connection to the network is working correctly. If the server does not receive the proof of life of the box within the allotted time, the user is then warned. This increases security since the user knows if the box is able to communicate.
Not disclosed
Community alerts (theft and breakdown)
Multi-operator coverage Not disclosed
Coverage in over 170 Countries
Connection to the motorcycle battery
Biker social network
Motorcycle rides integrated into the application
4G LTE-M connection
Lifetime Not limited by network or components Not limited by network or components. Pégase Moto is suspected of planned obsolescence by ActuMoto magazine . The end of 2G is imminent in France and Switzerland . Not limited by network or components. Not limited by network or components. Not limited by network or components. Not limited by network or components.

Comparison of GPS trackers for motorcycles

A comparison of GPS trackers for motorcycles is the best solution to find the GPS tracker best suited to your use. Whether you are a regular motorcyclist, or just an enthusiast who uses your motorcycle for rides, there is definitely a GPS tracker for you! The differences between GPS trackers for motorcycles are explained so that you can compare them in different use cases.

GeoRide, the most complete GPS tracker for motorcycles

GeoRide is the most complete motorcycle GPS tracker. Developed by bikers for bikers, it has all the features you need to protect your motorcycle, but also to create the best road books from your previous rides.

According to Moto Magazine, it is the most effective active tracker on the market! This well-known monthly magazine judged that GeoRide was the most effective active geolocation solution.

The application interface is modern, easy to use and intuitive. Not only will you find all your journeys with associated maps (average speed, tilt angle, live weather, etc.), but also a biker social network! Offer rides and join groups to ride with other bikers.

Safety is an essential point for GeoRide. The case can detect the slightest vibration on your motorcycle when it is parked, allowing you to take action before your motorcycle is stolen.

In addition to providing protection against theft, GeoRide integrates a temperature sensor which protects your motorcycle from fires! In the event of intense heat, with a customizable threshold in the application, you will receive an alert directly on your smartphone.

The safety of the motorcycle is an important point, but that of the rider is even more so! With the fall sensor, GeoRide can notify your loved ones by telephone in the event of an accident.

And for your friends or family members who have the GeoRide application, you can share the box with them so that they have access to all the statistics of your rides, but also to theft and fire alerts.

GeoRide 3 is sold with a proximity badge which provides effective protection without you needing your Smartphone! Totally autonomous, your motorcycle will be protected without you needing to worry about it.

For rental or single purchase, GeoRide is functional in France, and in more than 170 countries around the world! Ideal for bikers who hit the roads on big road trips.

GeoRide opinions are unanimous! It is the most efficient and complete GPS tracker. It will suit all motorcyclists, whether to protect their motorcycle or create roadbooks from journeys.

Invoxia Roadie, an economical GPS tracker for motorcycles

Invoxia Roadie is an economical motorcycle GPS tracker. Completely independent, it runs on its own battery which gives it a battery life of up to 8 months.

To manage to last this long without connection, Invoxia has made concessions. The position of your motorcycle only goes up, at most, every 2 minutes when it is moving. The routes are therefore less precise than a real-time tracker.

Invoxia app - © Invoxia app - ©

From the application, you have direct access to the position of your motorcycle, and you can create locking zones. So, if the motorcycle enters or leaves the area, you are immediately notified on your smartphone via notification.

Working without a SIM card, Invoxia does not allow you to make phone calls or send SMS messages; you will need an internet connection to receive alerts from the tracker.

No subscription is necessary for the first 3 years, then it will cost €9.99/year to benefit from Invoxia's Roadie services.

Monimoto, a battery-powered GPS tracker for motorcycles

Monimoto is a battery-powered motorcycle GPS tracker with a promised battery life of 1 year. Once empty, the batteries will need to be replaced, as they are not rechargeable.

Here too, to achieve such autonomy, concessions were made. You won't have any speed information in the app or even real-time location tracking. The GSM part only works when alarm mode is triggered.

The application is very minimalist since the functionalities are limited. And to take full advantage of it, you will also have to choose the monthly subscription of €3, or €36 per year.

Monimoto, GPS tracker for motorcycles - © Monimoto, GPS tracker for motorcycles - ©

Pégase Moto, a 2G GPS tracker for motorcycles (Beware of obsolescence!)

Pégase is a GPS tracker for motorcycles without subscription. The subscription is free, only if you ride in the list of authorized countries mentioned in the general conditions of sale. Made in France, it records the movements, speed and angle of inclination of your motorcycle.

Sunrise will deactivate the 2G network at the end of 2022

Warning: Pégase Moto is suspected of planned obsolescence by Actu Moto magazine . Indeed, the 2G network which equips this product is doomed to disappear in France and Switzerland. According to the words of Séverine de Rougemont, spokesperson for a large Swiss operator, collected by ActuMoto the operator Sunrise will deactivate the 2G network at the end of 2022 .
Concerning Swisscom: historic operator, the 2G network is today completely deactivated” for them. No distinction is made between individual or professional customers.

It even happened, on three occasions, that a GPS point was “captured” several hundred kilometers from the location of the motorcycle. »

Accuracy problems with the “Pégase Moto” GPS tracker reported by ActuMoto magazine. Image:

The test by ActuMoto magazine is unflattering, even with several boxes made available by the brand.
According to the magazine, the location would be "inconstant" and problems of precision have been reported: " In town, the 'traces' rarely follow the route actually taken."
During the test in real conditions to simulate a motorcycle theft, the result was clear: During the first attempt, the motorcycle was located on a roundabout after about ten minutes, two kilometers from the outdoor parking lot on which our accomplice had parked the van. »

“The level 3 alert – the one that generates a call – has never been triggered over this short distance. »

The test carried out by Magazine in May 2022 also reported problems with triggering alerts .
As the tester points out, the telephone call is however a very important way to warn of a theft. can only advise against purchasing a Pégase Moto GPS tracker”

In conclusion, the tests of Pégase Moto by ActuMoto did not succeed in convincing them. The complete test is available on the ActuMoto website.

Apart from that, from the application it is possible to access your travel diary, enter the model of your tires and save the make, model and year of your motorcycle.

To work, this GPS tracker requires a direct connection to your motorcycle's battery. Once in place, and if you do not ride for a certain period of time, the case will no longer protect your motorcycle, because it will automatically turn off in order to save energy.

Pégase Moto offers a circuit mode which allows you to know the number of laps completed during a session. You can also easily time your laps on the track to improve your driving.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to check the good network connection of your Pégase Moto box when your motorcycle is parked and far from your position. Unlike GeoRide, you do not know if the GPS tracker is properly connected to the network. The Pégase Moto application may indicate “Active anti-theft” even if the tracker is out of service . In fact, the Pégase Moto application does not yet offer a network disconnection, disconnection from the power supply or tearing alert as is the case for GeoRide.

Beepings, the very simplistic GPS tracker for motorcycles

Beepings is a very simplistic motorcycle GPS tracker. You will not have any information on your rides or speed, it will only be used to geolocate your motorcycle and know if it has left its locking zone.

If theft is detected, you are notified on your smartphone so you can intervene as quickly as possible.

It has a battery life of 1 year and can be fully recharged in 6 hours. To allow such autonomy, the tracker does not geolocate your motorcycle in real time. You will have to be content with regular feedback in the application. No subscription is required to operate the tracker.

Beepings, GPS tracker for motorcycles Beepings, GPS tracker for motorcycles

TRAKmy, the durable GPS tracker for motorcycles

TRAKmy is a durable GPS tracker for motorcycles since it lasts 3 years without you needing to intervene. You will never have to work on this tracker since it is “disposable”. Once the battery runs out, it cannot be recharged, so you will have to buy a new one.

"The COMPACT tracker has its battery pack welded and therefore cannot be replaced, you will therefore have to throw it into the identified terminals or containers generally located at the entrance to stores, recycling centers, etc."

The functionality is very basic, with only access to your motorcycle's location. No speed, history of your trips... It will therefore only be used to locate your motorcycle.

Beyond 12 months of use, you will have to pay €3.90 per month for the tracker to continue working.

TRAKmy, GPS tracker for motorcycles - © TRAKmy, GPS tracker for motorcycles - ©

Comparison of motorcycle alarms

With the comparison of motorcycle alarms you are sure to choose the best alarm for your motorcycle.

GeoRide has the most complete and versatile motorcycle alarm. The vibration sensor integrated into the case allows it to detect the slightest movement on your motorcycle: a kick in a tire, someone getting on your motorcycle... You are then immediately notified on your smartphone, and this, before even if a theft does not take place.

If your motorcycle is unfortunately stolen, you will be notified in a few seconds by phone call, and you can track the movements of your motorcycle in real time with an accuracy of up to 1 meter.

Beyond simple vibration detection, GeoRide is able to warn you if your motorcycle falls while parked, but also if a fire breaks out near your motorcycle! By integrating a 100 dB audible alarm unique in the motorcycle world, GeoRide offers a new way to protect your motorcycle.


Activated remotely from your phone, this alarm can deter all the people you see lurking near your motorcycle.

On the Invoxia side, the alarm will detect a change in the inclination of your motorcycle and will notify you, at best, every 2 minutes of what is happening on your motorcycle. It remains possible to create safety zones to be notified as soon as the vehicle leaves them.

With Beepings or TRAKmy, the operation will be similar. If the box goes out of a zone you have created, you are alerted on your smartphone and you can see the position of your motorcycle. Again, this will not be in real time, but at regular intervals.

At Monimoto, the alarm mode calls the user after 50 seconds after detecting movement. The position is then accessible from the smartphone application so that you can find it. The location update is not real-time, and will require a period of time to refresh.

For Pégase moto, the operation of the alarm is essentially the same. If a suspicious movement is detected on the motorcycle, the user receives an alert via SMS, email and Push Notification. It is then possible to track the position of the stolen vehicle from the application.

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