Se balader dans les Pyrénées en moto, le rêve de tout motard

Ride around the Pyrenees on a motorbike, every biker's dream

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The sunny days are coming back, the sun is making its presence known, you can only think of one thing: riding a motorbike in the Pyrenees . From the Spanish or French Basque Country, to the Eastern Pyrenees, there is a long way to go on your bike! With friends, or even alone, enjoying the famous mountain range of the South of France is always a real pleasure when you are on a motorbike.

How to prepare for a motorcycle ride in the Pyrenees?

Planning a small (or big!) motorcycle ride in the Pyrenees requires a minimum of preparation. It would be dangerous and unconscious to launch into this little adventure with your eyes closed, without being perfectly up to date on certain elements.

Motorcycle ride in the Pyrenees Motorcycle ride in the Pyrenees

Before undertaking the magnificent crossing of the Pyrenees by motorbike , you must first monitor a few checkpoints. This will help you avoid an unexpected breakdown or accident on the road.

  • The tires must be in perfect condition, that is to say not smooth, at the correct pressure, without damage.
  • The brake pads must visually be in good condition, you can also run your finger over them to see whether or not there is any roughness. At the same time, you can also check the brake fluid, the color of which should be around light yellow. If it approaches brown, it is best to change it, as this indicates that it is no longer effective.
  • Your chain, or belt, must be lubricated meticulously.
  • And of course, the last element to always check: the engine oil and coolant levels.

Once these checks have been carried out, not only will you avoid any unpleasant surprises, but you can also leave with peace of mind, in order to fully enjoy your excursion on the road to the Pyrenees passes by motorbike . Don't forget your tool kit, it will never be too much!

Castles and motorbike road trip in the Pyrenees

You are going on a motorcycle road trip in the Pyrenees and want to discover all the hidden corners of the famous mountain range. But what are the essential places to visit for the perfect motorcycle road trip in the Pyrenees ?

There are so many that we cannot be exclusive. Let's focus instead on one place in particular, primarily intended for lovers of castles and Cathar history. This road trip starting from Perpignan with the town of Léran as the arrival point will take you through 274 magnificent kilometers over approximately 7 hours.


You will have the pleasure of crossing several departments, the Pyrénées Orientales, Aude and Ariège. The little tip to make the most of it is to include St Paul de Fenouillet on the route usually taken, and your road trip will be absolutely picturesque.

When you arrive in Cucugnan, don't hesitate to make a quick stop to stretch your legs and especially visit the Château de Quéribus, classified as a historic monument. Continuing on these beautiful mountain roads, you will arrive at Puilaurens, ideal for lovers of Cathar castles since this village is home to the impressive Château de Puilaurens, a Cathar monument erected in 1229.

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And finally for the most motivated, you could finish crossing the Pyrenees by motorbike with a final break at the Château de Montségur. Note that this involves a half-hour hike in order to access the Cathar ruins located at the top of the mountain pog.

Montségur Castle Montségur Castle

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