Balade à moto en Côte d'or au cœur des vignobles de Bourgogne

Motorcycle ride in the Côte d'Or in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards

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Winter has set in, and the weather is not good, which makes the roads impassable. It's not ideal for taking a motorbike ride in the Côte d'Or with friends. But a road trip is in preparation! And what could be better than preparing your motorcycle road book in Côte d'or and maintaining your motorcycle during this period?

If you want to travel the roads of Burgundy by motorbike, here are some of our recommendations.

Winter service of your motorcycle before a road trip in Burgundy

Before going on a road trip to Burgundy to discover the superb winding roads, you have precautions to take, especially after a winter break without having taken out your motorcycle.

Motorcycle ride in Burgundy Motorcycle ride in Burgundy

So if you want your motorcycle ride to Dijon to go well, we advise you to carry out a few checks:


- Check the condition of your tires. Being the only element in contact with the road, it is the most important control point. You must therefore ensure that they are not slick, inflated to the right pressure, and that the wear is even so as not to be surprised when you take a corner on the superb roads of Burgundy.

- Level up your motorbike. Even if you haven't driven for a long time, it's unlikely that these will have changed, but you don't want to break down in the middle of your Côte d'Or road trip because you don't have checked the engine oil level?

- Degrease and re-grease your chain. Your motorcycle will appreciate it and your ride will be even more pleasant. There is no point applying a layer of grease on top of the old one, it is better that your motorcycle's chain is clean, especially if your bike has been wintering for a long time.

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These checks are the most important, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do others. A healthy motorcycle is a guaranteed good ride.

Departure for a motorcycle ride in Dijon

Do you want to go on a motorcycle ride in Dijon , explore this type of city, but you don't know where to go or what to visit?

Rest assured, we have ideas that you can easily add to your motorcycle ride in Burgundy to discover the heart of the region .

Saint-Philibert Abbey of Tournus in Saône-et-Loire

For lovers of historical monuments looking for buildings from the history of France, Burgundy will satisfy you, as with the Abbey of Tournus and its abbey church which is one of the greatest monuments in France.

An unmissable place for your motorcycle ride in Saône-et-Loire . And that's just a taste of what awaits you.

Saint-Philibert Abbey of Tournus, Motorcycle ride in Côte D’or Saint-Philibert Abbey of Tournus - Wikimedia©

The Morvan lakes in Nièvre

The Morvan lakes are 6 artificial lakes in the heart of Burgundy which will be perfect for resting after long hours spent on the roads. On the program: beautiful landscapes, activities and a well-deserved rest.

Morvan lakes, Motorcycle ride in Côte D’or Morvan lakes

Each lake has its personality, find the one that suits you best to personalize your motorcycle ride in Nièvre a little.

Burgundy Wine Route

A motorcycle road trip in Burgundy without crossing the vineyards on the wine route would be like a motorcycle ride without greasing the chain, it's not possible.

Set off to discover Pommard, Chambertin and the many other vineyards in the region along winding roads which offer splendid scenery.

Burgundy wines, Motorcycle ride in Côte D'or Burgundy wines

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