Acheter un antivol moto SRA, est-ce vraiment mieux ?

Buying an SRA motorcycle lock, is it really better?

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Buying an SRA motorcycle lock is an effective solution to protect your two wheels, but SRA protection for motorcycles does not, under any circumstances, completely prevent theft and even less allow you to find your motorcycle if it were stolen.

SRA approved motorcycle alarm

An SRA approved motorcycle alarm allows you to protect your vehicle against theft. The certification of SRA protection systems for motorcycles ensures greater resistance against degradation. Therefore, an SRA certified chain or disc block will be more effective in protecting your motorcycle than a traditional chain. But certification does not ensure that your motorcycle is completely protected against theft! The basic principle of an anti-theft device is to deter the thief by delaying him. But when a thief is well equipped, he will be able to quite easily cut off your anti-theft system and steal your vehicle.

SRA Motorcycle lock

To overcome this problem, there is the GeoRide motorcycle anti-theft system. With GeoRide, you have a complete and effective motorcycle protection system. Thanks to vibration detection, you benefit from cutting-edge technology allowing you to detect theft before it takes place. When someone touches your motorcycle, the unit detects the vibration and discreetly notifies you on your smartphone so you can intervene before the theft takes place.


With the silent alarm, the thief does not know that you have been notified that a theft has occurred, giving you time to act. But if a theft is in progress and you are not near your motorcycle, you can use GeoRide's built-in siren. With a power of 110 dB, this motorcycle alarm allows you to warn everyone around your motorcycle that a theft is occurring, which helps deter the thief.

Most SRA anti-theft devices and motorcycle alarms only have a siren, without the possibility of triggering a silent alert. GeoRide, thanks to its connectivity, gives you the choice! Receive the alert on your smartphone and choose whether you want to activate the powerful alarm or not.

SRA approved motorcycle lock

An SRA approved motorcycle lock remains effective against theft, but this type of protection has a major disadvantage, its weight. A chain is imposing and heavy, it is not easy to have it with you at all times, especially during a road trip. With GeoRide, you not only benefit from an efficient system, but above all from permanent protection on your motorcycle. As large as a credit card, GeoRide installs under the saddle of your motorcycle, and connects to your battery. So, whether the motorcycle is in your garage or in a parking lot, it will be protected without you having to do anything.

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The GeoRide smart motorcycle alarm comes with a Bluetooth badge that attaches to your keys. This way, when you are near your motorcycle, the protection deactivates so you can hit the road immediately. In the event of a break or stop, if you move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide will no longer detect the Bluetooth badge and will automatically activate anti-theft protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle. Invisible in everyday life, it is also invisible in use unlike an SRA class motorcycle lock .

Compatible with all motorcycles of all brands, whether it is a KTM Duke 790 or a Triumph Speed ​​Triple 1050, GeoRide protects your motorcycle like no other SRA approved motorcycle anti-theft system . Connected to your vehicle's battery, GeoRide can operate for several months without you needing to ride your motorcycle to recharge it. In the event of a low battery, it switches its own internal battery to work, and notifies you with a notification so that you can recharge your motorcycle's battery if you haven't ridden it for a long time.

Buy an SRA motorcycle lock

Buying an SRA motorcycle lock to protect your motorcycle is a possibility. But in the event of theft, you will have no way of finding your stolen motorcycle. With GeoRide, you also get a motorcycle GPS tracking system. The GPS chip integrated into the case allows you to locate your motorcycle at any time from your smartphone. So, if your vehicle were stolen, you could know where it was stored.


This information is essential because it can be passed on to law enforcement so that they can recover your motorcycle quickly and before it suffers damage. More effective than an SRA approved motorcycle lock , GeoRide permanently protects your motorcycle against theft attempts, but above all, it allows you to find your motorcycle.

Buying an SRA certified motorcycle lock is therefore not the best solution to protect your vehicle. An uncertified system can protect your motorcycle just as well, if not better. Developed by bikers for bikers, the GeoRide connected motorcycle lock has useful functions designed to provide the best anti-theft protection for your motorcycle.

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