Un antivol moto connecté pour Yamaha

A connected motorcycle lock for Yamaha

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With the connected motorcycle lock for Yamaha , you can protect your motorcycle against theft attempts, without you needing to keep an eye on it.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Yamaha

The smartphone-connected motorcycle lock for Yamaha is the essential security system if you want effective protection for your motorcycle.


The very advanced features of this motorcycle gps lock for Yamaha allow you to protect your motorcycle against attempted theft, but also against falls and fires!

With a vibration detection system, the GeoRide box can detect the slightest movement on your motorcycle. So, if someone touches it or climbs on it, you receive a notification directly on your smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS.

By detecting theft before it happens, GeoRide allows you to act quickly to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen and damaged.

A connected motorcycle lock for Yamaha A connected motorcycle lock for Yamaha

The new version of the box also includes a 110 dB audible alarm. The latter not only allows you to deter thieves, but also anyone who gets too close to your motorcycle!

For this, there is a functionality integrated into the application which allows you to trigger the alarm at any time, and from anywhere in the world! If you are sitting far from your motorcycle, and you see someone approaching it, all you have to do is activate the alarm and they will move away.

A GPS lock for Yamaha motorcycles

A Yamaha motorcycle gps lock offers double security to protect your vehicle from theft. From your smartphone, with the GeoRide application, you can access the GPS position of your motorcycle in real time.

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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Whether parked underground, in the countryside or in town, the motorcycle anti-theft GPS beacon for Yamaha offers great precision, up to 1 meter! With such reliability, it will become easy for you to know exactly where your motorcycle is located.

If it were to be stolen and you did not have time to act, access to the location from the application will allow you to follow its movements in real time. With precise location data, law enforcement will be able to find your motorcycle more easily, and above all, more quickly, before anything happens to it.

The motorcycle anti-theft GPS tracker for Yamaha uses 4G LTE-M technology to offer you the best possible reliability. In the event of a network disturbance, the box will automatically switch to the 2G network. If thieves are equipped with jammers, GeoRide will detect it and notify you so you can intervene quickly.

GPS tracker and anti-theft device for Yamaha motorcycle

GeoRide, the GPS and anti-theft tracker for Yamaha motorcycles, is the ideal solution for motorcyclists concerned about the security of their motorcycle. Compatible with all types of motorcycle, whether roadsters, Trail, sports or even supermoto, GeoRide is also suitable for all engine sizes!

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The motorcycle anti-theft gps chip for Yamaha can know as soon as you are near your motorcycle! By using the bluetooth badge sold with GeoRide, the box recognizes you and will not trigger the alarm if you get on your motorcycle.

As soon as you turn off the engine and move away from your Yamaha, GeoRide will automatically activate protection so that no one can touch your motorcycle.

By no longer needing to use your phone to lock or unlock the vehicle, using the box is more intuitive and completely invisible, you won't even notice its presence.


GeoRide, the Yamaha motorcycle lock, is available from €9.99 per month and requires no knowledge for installation! Simply connect it to your motorcycle's battery for it to work. Its integrated battery also allows it to be installed on vehicles that do not have a battery.

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