Un antivol moto connecté pour Triumph

A connected motorcycle lock for Triumph

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GeoRide is a connected motorcycle lock for Triumph . By installing it on your two wheels, you offer the best protection to your motorcycle.

Able to detect theft before it happens, GeoRide has many other essential features.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Triumph

With the smartphone-connected motorcycle anti-theft device for Triumph , your motorcycle will be permanently protected, but above all you can check its status at any time from your Android or iOS phone.


The main functionality of GeoRide is vibration detection. As soon as someone touches your motorcycle or rides on it, the box detects it and notifies you immediately so you can act quickly.

Unlike traditional anti-theft devices, GeoRide is not used to delay a theft, but to prevent it. By anticipating theft thanks to its on-board technology, you are alerted before anything happens to your motorcycle.

A connected motorcycle lock for Triumph A connected motorcycle lock for Triumph

The new version of GeoRide includes many features that improve the safety of your motorcycle. The 110 dB loud alarm emits a powerful sound to deter thieves.

Fully programmable, you can choose to use it or not, but above all, you can trigger it remotely from your smartphone.

If experienced thieves try to steal your motorcycle using techniques like jamming, GeoRide will still be able to warn you. As soon as a network problem is detected, the GeoRide server notifies you on your phone so that you can intervene as quickly as possible

A GPS lock for Triumph motorcycles

GeoRide is also an anti-theft device with GPS for triumph motorcycles . This advanced functionality allows you not only to have access to position histories for your motorcycle, but above all to locate it at any time, and in real time, from your smartphone!

Locate your motorcycle in real time
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Associated with the GeoRide application, the anti-theft GPS tracker for Triumph motorcycles provides you with reliable and effective protection. The new GeoRide box uses European satellites to locate your motorcycle with the best possible precision: accurate up to 1 meter.

GeoRide connectivity is based on the 4G LTE-M network. Thanks to this new network for connected objects, you have access to the position of your motorcycle whatever the environment! Whether you are in the countryside, in town surrounded by buildings or underground, the Georide application always manages to locate your motorcycle with great precision.

GPS tracker and anti-theft device for Triumph motorcycle

By combining a GPS tracker and anti-theft device for Triumph motorcycles , GeoRide has created the perfect security system for your motorcycle.

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Easy to install, and compatible with all types of motorcycle (from 50cc to large displacements like 1000cc), you will never again have to worry about whether your motorcycle is still in your garage when you open the door.

To secure your motorcycle when you go for a ride or go to work, the new version of GeoRide comes with a Bluetooth badge.

Compact and with a battery life of more than 2 years, this small keyring allows you to lock and unlock your motorcycle without having to use your phone!

As soon as you are nearby, that is to say less than 2 meters from the motorcycle GPS anti-theft device for Triumph , the unit recognizes you and immediately unlocks the vehicle. When you take a break and move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide will automatically lock so you can be notified if someone touches your motorcycle.


Available from €9.99/month, GeoRide , the Triumph motorcycle lock does not require any knowledge for its installation! All you have to do is connect it to your motorcycle battery for it to work. With its integrated battery, it can even operate for 14 days on vehicles that do not have a battery.

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