Un antivol moto connecté pour Suzuki

A connected motorcycle lock for Suzuki

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By opting for a connected motorcycle lock for Suzuki , you offer the best protection to your motorcycle. Accessible from anywhere from your Android or iOS smartphone, GeoRide notifies you if your motorcycle is the victim of theft.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Suzuki

The motorcycle anti-theft connected to a smartphone for Suzuki allows you to anticipate thefts. Unlike a traditional anti-theft device which will only delay the thief, GeoRide detects the slightest vibration on the motorcycle when it is parked and notifies you directly on your smartphone so that you can act before your motorcycle is stolen.


To achieve this, the motorcycle GPS anti-theft device for Suzuki integrates numerous technological components developed especially for the security of your motorcycle. Associated with the Smartphone application, you can monitor your two-wheeler at any time, and from anywhere in the world, as if you were next to it.

A connected motorcycle lock for Suzuki A connected motorcycle lock for Suzuki

The 110 dB audible alarm integrated into the case is an additional element of protection which helps deter all thieves. Activated as soon as the case detects a vibration, this alarm can also be triggered remotely from your Android or iOS phone.

This unique feature in the world of motorcycles offers many possibilities! You can, for example, activate it as soon as you see someone lurking too close to your motorcycle, but also to precisely locate your vehicle if it were stolen and then stored in a box.

A GPS lock for Suzuki motorcycles

The Suzuki motorcycle gps lock adds an additional function to your motorcycle! From your phone, you can access the GPS position of your motorcycle in real time.

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Practical for ensuring that it is still parked where you left it, this also allows the anti-theft GPS tracker for Suzuki motorcycles to save all of your journeys to create roadbooks.

In the smartphone application, you will find a map with the exact location of your motorcycle. In the event of theft, you can track its movements with great precision to know where it was stored.

All of this data is essential to allow law enforcement to find your motorcycle quickly, and above all, before anything happens to it. With the use of new European satellites, GeoRide offers reliable accuracy down to 1 meter.

The Suzuki motorcycle anti-theft GPS beacon uses 4G LTE-M technology to communicate with the GeoRide server. This new network offers better performance, but also better energy management.

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Thus, once installed, the case can secure your motorcycle for more than 4 months without you needing to ride to recharge the vehicle's battery.

GPS tracker and anti-theft device for Suzuki motorcycle

The Suzuki motorcycle gps and anti-theft tracker is compatible with all types of motorcycle, whether it is a roadster, a sports car or even a trail. Because all motorcyclists have the right to the best protection for their motorcycle, GeoRide also adapts to all engine sizes, such as 1000cc or 50cc.


The connected motorcycle lock for Suzuki is completely invisible, even when in use! With the included bluetooth badge, GeoRide can recognize its owner. When you are within two meters of your motorcycle, the case detects you and deactivates the protection without you needing to use your phone to do so.

Very practical when you make frequent stops during your motorcycle rides, it also allows you to remember to lock your motorcycle when you move away.

Its installation only takes a few minutes and requires no special knowledge. It can even operate without connection, simply using its internal battery which allows it to last for 14 days. Available from €9.99/month , GeoRide , the anti-theft device for Suzuki motorcycles, is the essential solution for all motorcyclists concerned about the security of their motorcycle.

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