Un antivol moto connecté pour Supermotard

A connected motorcycle lock for Supermotard

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The connected motorcycle lock for Supermotard allows you to protect your motorcycle against theft attempts. The technology integrated into GeoRide is unique in the world and makes it easy to monitor your motorcycle, wherever you are.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Supermoto

The smartphone-connected motorcycle anti-theft device for Supermotard is the best protection system for your motorcycle. Unlike a traditional anti-theft device, GeoRide, the motorcycle gps anti-theft device for Supermotard makes it possible to detect theft before it takes place.


For this, GeoRide uses a vibration detector which alerts you to the slightest movement of your motorcycle. If someone touches it or steps on it, you are immediately notified on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Manufactured, wired, assembled and packaged in France, GeoRide is a 100% French system. Developed by bikers for bikers, the features of the connected motorcycle lock for Supermotard will meet all your needs.

A connected motorcycle lock for Supermotard - ©Wikimedia @DarkVortex073 A connected motorcycle lock for Supermotard - ©Wikimedia @DarkVortex073

33% more compact compared to the old model, GeoRide can be installed under the narrowest saddles without the slightest problem.

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Its new design also improves its waterproofing and the impact resistance of its components, which is perfectly suited to Supermotard motorcycles.

Installation does not require any specific knowledge. Simply plug GeoRide into your motorcycle's battery and associate it with your account in the smartphone app.

A GPS lock for Supermotard motorcycles

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By installing a GPS anti-theft device for Supermotard motorcycles , you offer double security to your two wheels! The features of the Supermotard motorcycle GPS anti-theft chip allow real-time tracking and permanent access to the position of your motorcycle.

With an accuracy of up to 1 meter, the anti-theft GPS beacon for Supermoto allows you to check, at any time, and from anywhere in the world, that your motorcycle is always parked where it should be.

In the event of theft, the Supermotard anti-theft motorcycle GPS tracker notifies you via notification and gives immediate access to the position of your motorcycle. If the latter is moving, you can follow its speed and movement from the smartphone application.

This information, once transmitted to law enforcement, will allow them to find it quickly, before it suffers damage.

To further deter thieves, GeoRide now includes a 110 dB audible alarm. It can be activated on vibration detection to scare away thieves, but it can also be triggered manually from the GeoRide application!

Ideal for keeping people away from your motorcycle, this alarm also makes it easier to locate your motorcycle if it were stored in a box following a theft.

More efficient and more reliable, GeoRide is now more energy efficient. Using the 4G LTE-M network not only improves the battery life of your motorcycle, but above all it improves communication through walls, for example in the basement or in the middle of buildings in the city.

A motorcycle equipped with GeoRide can remain stationary for 4 months without its battery being discharged! Ideal for motorcyclists who do not use their motorcycle for long months, such as in winter.


By considerably improving its consumption, GeoRide can now operate without connection. Its internal battery gives it an autonomy of 14 days, enough to install it on motorcycles that do not have a battery.

GPS and anti-theft tracker for Supermotard motorcycle

The Supermotard motorcycle gps and anti-theft tracker is compatible with all motorcycles, regardless of engine capacity. Whether you are on a KTM 690 SMC, Husqvarna 701 or 50cc, your motorcycle will be protected in the same way with GeoRide.

Using GeoRide is completely transparent! No more using your phone to activate or deactivate your motorcycle's lock.

Thanks to the Bluetooth badge included with GeoRide, your motorcycle can recognize you. When you are within a radius of 2 meters, the badge communicates with the box to deactivate the anti-theft security of your motorcycle. This means you can hit the road without setting off the alarm.

If you stop for a break, as soon as the engine is switched off or you move away from your motorcycle, the protection is automatically activated so that you do not forget to protect your motorcycle.

Its 2-year battery life ensures optimal operation over a long period. To further improve battery life, the badge detects when you pick up your keys! The rest of the time, it goes to sleep to save battery power.

Available from €9.99/month , GeoRide allows you to benefit from all the services. The latter not only allows operation in France, but also in more than 170 countries around the world!

Wherever you are, with GeoRide , the motorcycle anti-theft alarm for Supermoto, your motorcycle is in your pocket so you can keep an eye on it at all times.

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