Un antivol moto connecté pour Sportive

A connected motorcycle anti-theft device for Sportive

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A connected motorcycle lock for Sports helps protect your motorcycle against attempted theft. With GeoRide put your motorcycle in your pocket to monitor it from anywhere in the world.

The motorcycle anti-theft device connected to a smartphone for Sports

The smartphone-connected motorcycle lock for sports cars is the essential security system for any motorcyclist concerned about the safety of their motorcycle. Where a traditional anti-theft device only serves to delay a theft, the GPS motorcycle anti-theft device for Sports allows you to anticipate it so that it does not take place.


To detect theft before it happens, GeoRide uses a high-performance vibration sensor. As soon as someone touches your motorcycle or climbs on it, you are immediately notified on your Android or iOS smartphone.

The new version of GeoRide is 100% French! Manufactured, wired, assembled and packaged in France, the GeoRide team keeps an eye on each process to offer a reliable product, which will meet the needs of all motorcyclists.

A connected motorcycle lock for Sports A connected motorcycle lock for Sports
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More compact by 33%, this new GeoRide box can be installed very easily under all those, even those of sports cars which have very little space! Its new design improves waterproofing, but also shock resistance, making it perfectly suited to roads or circuits.

To install GeoRide on your motorcycle you don't need any knowledge! Simply follow the installation guide provided to get the case up and running. Once in place, the sports motorcycle lock is directly connected to your smartphone.

An anti-theft device with GPS for sports motorcycles

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The GPS anti-theft device for sports motorcycles not only detects theft before it happens, but above all, it transmits the position of your motorcycle in real time.

Monitor the location of your motorcycle directly from the GeoRide app for Android and iOS using the sports motorcycle anti-theft GPS chip .


With an accuracy of up to 1 meter, the sports motorcycle anti-theft GPS beacon provides precise tracking to ensure your motorcycle is safe. Using new European satellites, the anti-theft GPS tracker for sports motorcycles offers better precision in dense environments, such as in the city or underground.

In future updates, GeoRide will be able to offer a Hyper-precision mode with the location of your motorcycle reliable to 10 centimeters! Perfect for bikers who ride on trails and are looking for improved consistency on their trajectories.

GeoRide, the anti-theft GPS chip for sports motorcycles is not only more efficient, but also more energy efficient! From now on, the case can protect all vehicles, even those that are not driven for many months. To enable such a feat, GeoRide switched from the 2G network to 4G LTE-M technology.

The latter consumes less energy than 2G, and allows more reliable exchanges, especially through thick walls. In the event of a network problem or jamming, the sports motorcycle lock detects it and notifies you immediately on your smartphone via a notification.

Improved components allow GeoRide to last up to 4 months without needing to recharge your motorcycle's battery. And to extend its lifespan, the box automatically switches to its internal battery before the vehicle battery is completely discharged.

Access to the position of your motorcycle is practical if it is stolen, but it is also useful for saving all of your journeys! Relive every motorcycle ride with the speed, weather and lean angle of your motorcycle.

GeoRide also has a 110 dB audible alarm that can be activated when vibration is detected! It can also be triggered manually from your smartphone in order to deter people who are hovering too close to your motorcycle, or simply to locate it with certainty if it were to be stolen and it is stored in boxes.

GPS tracker and anti-theft device for sports motorcycle

The GPS and anti-theft tracker for sports motorcycles can be installed on motorcycles of any brand! Whether it's a Yamaha R1, a Kawasaki Ninja or a Suzuki GSX-R, your motorcycle will be protected thanks to GeoRide.

More reliable, GeoRide is also smarter! From now on, managing the motorcycle alarm can be done without your smartphone. For this, a Bluetooth badge is delivered with the box. The latter communicates with GeoRide and automatically deactivates the alarm if you are less than 2 meters from your motorcycle.

As soon as you take a break on your journey and move away from your motorcycle, GeoRide detects this and automatically activates anti-theft protection. Totally invisible on the vehicle, the box is also invisible in its use.

Available from €9.99/month , GeoRide protects your motorcycle in France and in more than 170 countries around the world. To benefit from all the services, a subscription of 5 euros per month is essential.

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